The Human Shell Game

A friend of the blog writes:

Looking at the video footage of the “Caravan” I was reminded of the Carter tenure when the Mariel Boatlift happened. Then as now a compliant MSM was thrilled at the prospect of capturing all the touching, even heart-wrenching, human interest stories of photogenic brown-skinned people being pulled from the drink while the likes of Dan Rather or David Brinkley uttered cliched platitudes in the voiceover.It was campaign gold for the Democrats who could burnish their bona fides with the non-white voting block they wished to keep on the plantation.

The Marielitos were the solution to a few problems for Castro too. In the process Castro dumped 127,000 of his citizens;  all his mentally ill, incorrigible criminals, homosexuals, anti-socialists, and political disidents onto the US. He was also able to smuggle, according to one congressional hearing source nearly 7,000 intelligence agents and drug running logistics experts into the US for long term intelligence gathering, while locking up and exploiting the burgeoning drug market.  At least 300 of the spies were rolled up in the 1st couple years which lead to “The Year of the Spy”. The NYT addresses the Marielito spies in this article(paywall):
here’s a pull quote:
“The Cuban Government used the 1980 Mariel boatlift to send as many as 7,000 spies to the United States, some of whom were ordered to help drug smugglers ”flood” this country with illegal narcotics, one such spy said today.
The Cuban agent, Mario Estevez Gonzalez, testifying at a United States Senate hearing here, said some of the spies travel freely in small boats between their Communist homeland and the United States. Mr. Estevez, who has been convicted of drug smuggling, said some agents were in this country for propaganda purposes and others were to create ”chaos” in the event of war.”

The Miami Herald from the same date had this story;
this pull quote underscores the issue
“The U.S. ambassador to Colombia, Thomas Boyatt, was more blunt.
“I’m telling you that it happened,” he insisted during an interview before his testimony. “The Cuban government, as a matter of policy, for a long period of time, until exposed, was involved in drug smuggling.
“It was a [Cuban intelligence] operation with the blessing of Fidel,” he said. “

Leftists suffer from severely retarded imaginations (just look at Hollywood’s output for the last 10 years) but when they hit on something that seems to work they do it over and over. The Mariel Boatlift worked and would have been even more successful had Jimmy Carter not lost his re-election bid. Reagan wasn’t having any.
There is no reason to believe that the current Caravan is not another form of the Mariel Boatlift, already another Caravan has formed in El Salvador,  soon there will be another. The Socialists(Communists)and Castro proteges, Maduro, Castro and Ortega, all recognize that the Mariel Boatlift was a hugely successful intelligence operation and they profited enormously from the spy networks established in the 80s by Castro that survived Reagan’s spy hunt.

This Caravan solves a problem that the Tyrannical Troika has been struggling with; how to get identities and access to the US for their agents. The Caravan made up seemingly of compasinos with little or no documentation show up “seeking asylum” and the first thing the US govt does is generate identity paperwork for them, those who survive the asylum vetting process are embraced without further suspicion and best of all in 5 or 7 years when they become active they’ll have USA passports and identities. That’ll all work out well.

Now am I just a cynical bastard for thinking that 300-400 of these Caravanistas are actually intelligence agents from Venezuela, Cuba, and El Salvador? Time will tell.
Just because you’re cynical doesn’t mean you’re not right.

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  1. Just another shameless campaign stunt from Trump announcing sending up to 15,000 troops to the border for a pointless pre-election publicity stunt. Expect that number to rise again as his poll numbers drop. It’s designed to fool the witless — and appears to be working.

    Trump finally got his military parade.

  2. Emery seems desperate to direct the discussion away from the possibility that a chunk of the Caravanistas are (as emery dearly hopes) foreign spies – that’s very telling

  3. I detect a whiff of desperation in emetic’s post, almost as if things weren’t going well for the dhimmis, and a great big squirrel was necessary.

    PS Mitch, I guess he is saying you are witless; does that mean I am reading a witless blog? Does that make me witless?

    Oh noes!!

  4. Mitch, I feel safe voicing my opinions here – does that mean I’m in Witless Protection

  5. With all the increased background information that Customs and Homeland Security for entrants to the US it means the cost of creating a deep legend for a false identity has to be prohibitive. Using a flood of campesinos, who would have minimal native documentation in their home country, to press for entry to the US in extraordinary circumstances, as asylum seeking refugees, would be an excellent cover for covert infiltration. And best of all for Cuba, Venezuela, and El Salvador creating the new documentation and verifying the legends would be an expense to the USA not them.

  6. Actually, em is just parroting this election cycle’s dhimmi talking point: PDT wants you to be afraid.

    Like the dhimmis never fear monger, eh?

    Put you back in chains?
    Push granny off a cliff?
    Millions of women will die?
    Poison your water?


  7. Somehow the narrative on the caravans has changed since they first started out. Initially it seemed as if the media and pundits were celebrating how this was going to make Trump look bad, and have an influence on the mid-terms. Now it seems that the theme is that this is all a stunt planned and executed by Trump to fire up his base.

    All we really know – based on common sense, not what any media is reporting – is that someone is funding the logistics for this excursion, and whoever is doing so is extremely cynical. (It is possible, of course, to have a very low-budget cross-country hike with thousands of people; the Japanese proved it at Bataan.) Now we just have to figure out who, but I’m not going to use up a lot of bandwidth to do so.

  8. DHS weighs in with;

    “We also continue to see individuals from over 20 countries in this flow from countries such as Somalia, India, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. There is a large segment of this population that we know nothing about and we must be prepared to defend our border and enforce our laws to protect the citizens of our country,”

    Despite Emery’s attempt to deflect clearly something more devious is in the works and as NW points out someone is paying for it.
    Who’s footing the bill Emery?

  9. We have apparently reached the point where if you do not want to let murderers with deadly, communicable diseases into the country, you are a racist.

  10. Trump: “This is an invasion and nobody is questioning that.”

    Must be elections.
    Or an alien landing that I missed.

  11. Kin law wrote: “Another excellent jobs report, well above projections.”

    Trump’s running on empty. The birth right citizenship ploy comes straight from Steven Miller, the identity extremist who controls most domestic policy inside the White House.

    If there’s a break to the Democrats over the weekend, possibly an additional half dozen seats will go Democratic above expected trend. That will also reinforce the point that the 2020 presidential election will be the most consequential since Hoover-Roosevelt in 1932, which marked a tectonic shift in American politics and brought the Democrats to 20 years of power. A Democratic victory next Tuesday sets up 2020 as a party realignment election.

    The Guardian this week ran an article indicating that the vast majority of America’s top 100 billionaires are deeply conservative and quietly support with extensive funding right-wing politics with an overall agenda of reducing or eliminating the major entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and similar programs. Both
    Senator Mitch McConnell and National Security Adviser John Bolton have mentioned in recent days that the national debt is a major “threat” and that the country cannot afford its current entitlement programs. The grip of the small plutocracy bulging with wealth on the top of the Republican party is quite complete.

    If there’s a shift back towards Democrats by moderate Baby Boomers over Social Security and health care concerns, the Republicans will have lost the one favorable trend that truly worked for them in 2016. They will have lost this segment due to poor politics on entitlements while governing in Washington.

    It is possible that in future elections the broad middle of the American people will fight for their vital interests

  12. People who know how to multiply understand that a Ponzi Scheme cannot succeed in the long run. It’s mathematically impossible. Has nothing to do with hatred or racism or compassion . . . it’s just straight-up math. Calling it an “entitlement” doesn’t change the math.

    Every Ponzi Scheme is going to crash leaving people holding the bag, sooner or later. There’s no rebuttal, no work-around, no way out.

    Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme.

    When responsible people see gullible people being suckered into a Ponzi Scheme, what should the responsible people do, Emery?

  13. So, we know massive tax cuts promote growth. No news in that. Do we know what the long-term impact on the US economy will be of a huge increase in national debt? Because that growth has to outstrip the cost of debt, or it isn’t real growth. It’s a mortgage on the future of your children.

    What concerns many people is that this increase is artificially propping up growth in the economy. But what happens when the party stops?
    That is how Trump has run his businesses. Big debts and then antagonistic defaults. Disaster capitalism. He gains, while the cost is borne by all those ordinary people/businesses that lent him money or that he hired to do work for him and didn’t pay. He won’t care about the impact, because he won’t be in the Oval office in ten years. It’ll be someone else picking up the can.

    It’s a lottery who that will be. Balance hopes that it’ll be a Republican president forced to deal with it. But you can be sure that Republicans will be blaming Democrats for ‘cutting spending’ if it comes to it.  

  14. Deep thoughts on the economy by the guy who sold EVERYTHING on November 10, 2016, when the Dow was at 18,800.

  15. “But what happens when the party stops?”
    Emery you must have been beside yourself 10 years ago when Obama began HIS spending spree on shovel ready projectsor was that all good?

  16. What Emery fails to mention, is that there are now more Demonrat billionaires supporting the far left agenda than ever. Bezos, Steyer, Gates, Page, Brin, all of whom sold their souls to the Demonrat party, ala Nazi collaborators and are complicit in using everyone in country as an income stream by violating their privacy. Why ANYONE is willing to be a party to that, is beyond me. Of course, the Mac daddy of left wing causes is Georgie Soros whose goal is to bring down the U.S. and turn it into a Third World shithole.

    I also noticed that the majority of leftists that support open borders, don’t live near one.

  17. Tip O’Neall, Speaker of the House, declared Reagan’s budgets “dead on arrival” because they weren’t large enough. After rate reductions, tax revenues doubled under Reagan but spending tripled because Democrats spent more than they took in. Reagan went along with it because he needed the money for the military build-up that eventually brought down the Soviet Union.

    It’s not fair to blame Reagan for increasing the debt. If Democrats had adopted his budget, the debt would not have increased.

    Last year, history repeated itself under Trump. Emery blames Trump for the rising debt forgetting Democrats (and Establishment RINOs) spending more than they took in. Trump vowed not to do it again. I hope he keeps his promise. I hope he refuses to sign a bad budget. Shut down the government, if that’s what it takes. We’re taxed enough already.

  18. Emery
    all those Caravanistas are going to impose 10s of millions of dollars of asylum claim related expenses on the US govt, yet again needlessly swelling our National Debt, why doesn’t that concern you?

  19. Any thought regarding the over 200 million Trump military/political stunt will cost? Perhaps the NRCC will reimburse the American taxpayer for this campaign ad.

    Even the military knows a political stunt when they see one….

  20. but the endless drain on the US Treasury that the Caravanistas will impose doesn’t bother you Emery? Why not? What is there about open borders that beguiles you to the point that what will eventually be billions spent on illegal aliens doesn’t alarm you?
    As per $200 million cost, do you Emery, have any thoughts on the $300+ million that will be spent dealing with just 7,000 Caravanistas if they all arrive? Why is that a preferable expenditure?

  21. Emery,
    So Trump is a Nazi – it took you long enough to get their little boy!

    but seriously don’t you have any thoughts on the $300+ million that will be spent dealing with just 7,000 Caravanistas if they all arrive? Why is that a preferable expenditure?

  22. There is apparently one concept that overrides anything else in Emery’s mind, and no amount of rebuttal or redirection will get him to deviate from his laser focused thinking:


  23. Trying desperately to un-jack this thread, it strikes me that a sufficient reason for us to do background checks on immigrants is that we have the right to know what we’re getting. I do not have to argue that this caravan–evidently paid for in part by Bobby O’Rourke’s campaign–is likely to be more criminal, or likely to spy, than other people. I simply have to argue that we have a right to know whether someone is a known criminal or not. Or, for that matter, whether they’re carrying known contagious diseases.

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