18 thoughts on ““Stop Demonizing Evil People!”

  1. Negro gangbanger #1 tells Negro gangbanger #2 to get his Woopie Goldberg lookin, go-rilla ass out of his hood.

    #2 reaches into his sagging guess jeans, pulls his 9 and empties his magazine into #1 while screaming “Yeah nigger, how you like that?”

    How much hate is involved in that crime? How many times per day does that happen in leftist run cities?

  2. for instance;
    305 days into the year
    424 people have been shot to death in chicago
    78.8% of those shot to death are black
    13.1% of those shot to death are hispanic
    14.7% is the current Homicide Clearance Rate for Chicago

    Chicago is a progressive Democrat run city.
    Despite misgovernment that easily crosses the line to criminal we absolutely should NOT demonize the Democrat overlords of Chicago or even hold them accountable for that matter

  3. Shorter Lemon: We need to stop demonizing people and realize it’s these people who are demons!

    Just how far is Lemon’s head up his ass?

  4. It would be if the invasion were fake.
    It is always the goal of the American Left to make you distrustful of your fellow Americans. You know, Hillary’s irredeemable deplorables. Only the Federal government, unbound by concerns for constitutional rights, can protect you.

  5. So Emery, since you’re the expert, just how many people does it take to qualify as “an invasion?” There are more folks in that “caravan” than there were in Poncho Villa’s expedition, and unlike Poncho they are determined to stay, while Poncho wasn’t.

  6. We’ll know Trump is serious about illegal immigration the minute he calls for real employment enforcement, separating employers from their cheap labor. The moment that happens, the GOP will be forced to discuss immigration more honestly.

  7. Gosh Emery, it seems like you’re behind the curve on this issue, Our Most Estemed President, Donald Trump, has already been separating employers from their cheap labor

  8. Emery – aren’t you thinking of Sen. Menendez bring Lolita Express girls back here?

  9. Nice. A two’fer. 7. Changing the subject to evade accountability followed by 17. Aggressive jabs disguised as jokes.

  10. Hammering on that Obama was secretly born in Kenya turned out to be brilliant market research. That the claim is provably false and makes no sense when you think about it yet caught on with white Republicans showed Trump they could be led to believe things simply because they wanted to believe them. While other politicians were afraid to be caught in a lie. Trump made lies into his product differentiator. The further he gets from truth the more his base sees him as the only one brave and honest enough to say these things.

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