Some Jews are learning the right, prudent lesson from the PIttsburgh Pogrom.

Indianapolis talk radio host Tony Katz describes his epiphany:

What happened in Pittsburgh is my nightmare scenario. For a few years now, on my radio shows in Indianapolis, I have said as loud and as clear as I can that any Jew who attends religious services without a firearm is risking their life and the lives of the ones they love.

But, in truth, I’ve never said it so kindly. I’ve said that nothing in America is more of a soft target than a synagogue on a Friday night or a Saturday morning. I discuss all houses of worship; synagogues, churches, mosques – they are all soft targets. I have argued that laws that prevent carrying a firearm in a house of worship where there is also a school are wrong, and should be changed (and, if necessary, ignored.)

The purpose of being trained and carrying a firearm is to protect yourself AND the ones your love. That means children: your children. Why would you ever put yourself in a position not to protect them? Why, as a society, would we ask this of any parent or guardian?

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The logical disconnect among the anti-gun crowd in view of episodes like the massacre in Pittsburgh – “helplessness is strength” – is frankly bizarre.

7 thoughts on “Prudence

  1. For years I was an usher at our church, usually positioned by the main entrance to the sanctuary. I, and others, had thought about a shooter situation or other threatening disturbance. I didn’t carry, since my guns were lost in that epic boating accident, but I knew who in the congregation did, and that there were 3 to 4 guns on the premises at any given time. I’d also worked out various “if/then” scenarios in advance, just in case. As you say, “Prudence.”

  2. I agree, Loren. Boats should be regulated and extra fireproofing should be rquired. 😀

  3. Was it Lake Vermilion? I was transporting my gun safe, a Winchester Big Daddy 37 cu. ft. full of guns, in a canoe across Lake Vermilion when a sudden storm came up and the wind capsized the canoe dumping the safe and all my guns into 70 ft of water, if I hadn’t been wearing a life jacket I would have followed them. It was tragic!

  4. NW,
    there was a tense exchange with the insurance adjuster.

    IA: You put an 800lb safe with 400lbs of guns and ammo inside into a 16 ft canoe and tried to paddle across Lake Vermilion and it sank?
    Me: yes, and I’m as shocked as you are….

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