A Nation Of NPCs

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I don’t keep up on new memes – not even certain how to pronounce the word – and my experience with role-playing games dates back to Gary Gygax and graph paper.  So I was surprised to learn the New York Times says it’s totally unfair that somebody on the Right stole the phrase Non-Player Character (NPC) to describe Liberals who mindlessly follow The Narrative.  Apparently, that’s dehumanizing and mean and Twitter was correct to engage in viewpoint discrimination by restricting the free speech of people who use that meme.

Also, the situation is completely different from when Liberals describe people on the Right as “Deplorable,” or “bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles,” or “literally Hitler,” or going back to the early days of Rush Limbaugh, as “mind-numbed robots.” Those descriptions were acceptable because they were accurate.  NPC is not acceptable because it’s intentionally misleading election-related content.  Not all Liberals are alike.  Every Liberal is as unique as a snowflake, individually expressing the exact same sentiments at the exact same time using the exact same words as every other unique individual snowflake who all vote exactly the same way and you should, too.

The funniest part of the article is Twitter claiming negative advertising hyperbole affects the election so they must ban those accounts to protect the integrity of the electoral process.  If that were so, every ad on television should be banned, they’re all variations on the same theme of “So-and-so will do bad things if elected” and frankly, Liberals are the worst offenders.

Joe Doakes

I’m taking way too much pleasure in this.

6 thoughts on “A Nation Of NPCs

  1. I used to laugh at people who suggested meme war was a thing, or was effective in any way.
    I stand corrected.

    This particular meme is especially clever, in that it gives us laffs but really, really bruises reprobates feelz because it’s so damn spot on.

  2. I don’t know if anybody has done something like it since, but an analysis of the Iowa US Senate race won by Joni Ernst had $16 million spent on each side. The Ernst campaign spent $15 million of that on positive messages FOR the candidate, and the opposing campaign spent $15 million AGAINST Ernst, with negative advertising. Not always consistent numbers but it appears to be a recurring pattern.

  3. I like to poke the NPC’s until they say “You’re a racist!”
    Say, did you know that the GOP is now the party of White Nationalists?
    Somebody otta tell David Duke.

  4. So according to the left…

    Calling right wingers Nazis that deserve to be assaulted? No problem (also advocating violence against you political opponents is quite literally the definition of fascism)

    Calling left wingers apathetic tools who cant think for themselves, HATE SPEECH that has to be silenced by twitter.

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