I Couldn’t Help But Laugh…

… at the subject line of this email:

Well, no.

MoveOn.org was made for moments like 20 years ago, when an aging lothario was facing impeachment, and Democrats with deep pockets wanted to defend his administration and power from his own arrogant excess.

Glad we could settle that.

13 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Help But Laugh…

  1. I don’t know how they did it, but the Dems have convinced America that they have less integrity than Trump.

  2. It’s been said here & there that Ford’s testimony was less than candid about her motivation in adding a second door to her home.
    She testified that she needed a second door because the memory of sexual assault was so terrible she didn’t feel safe without a second door.
    Democrat news outlets haven’t mentioned this, but the real motivation for installing the door appears to have been to use the second door as an entry for an (illegal) renter.
    If true, it throws more doubt on her story than most people recognize. She is horribly mentally scarred by an alleged attack, yet she rents out part of her house to strangers?
    Give me a break.

  3. I also like how Moron.org didn’t catch on to that name. And yes, Ford’s numerous half-truths, like fear of flying and a second front door (because the back door wouldn’t work or something?) would very quickly get her “case” put in the circular file in any reputable prosecutor’s office.

  4. I can’t believe the secret FBI report has been available to Democrats for hours but they’ve leaked nothing so far. Nothing! What’s the problem?

    Cover-up? Failed to interview witnesses? Blocked by the White House? That’s their best shot? That’s pretty rich given the months Democrats sat on these allegations and the efforts they made to obstruct the Judiciary Committee from investigating them.

    None of that matters anyway. What matters is whether Lisa and Heidi and Susan feel that the old white men have been SENSITIVE enough, whether constituents will believe they CARE enough. There’s no objective way to measure that. Government by whim.

  5. I’ve heard that Heitkamp is a “no.” Supposedly she knows that she will lose next month & she is burnishing her credentials for foundation work or for an appointment by a potential Democrat president in 2021.
    So the good news is that there will be one more GOP senator next year.
    Once she is unmoored from her voters, I imagine that the people of North Dakota will be surprised at how far to the left she really is.
    But of course though won’t hear about it.

  6. We’re on the cusp of a big event, Gentlemen. When Kav is confirmed, the reprobates tunnel to sneak social chaos into the country will be shut down for the next 30 years.

    Expect some major rioting in reprobate run cities. No looting; feral Negroes don’t even know what the SCOTUS does, and they don’t want anything to do with courts anyway. White anarchists come from rich families; there is nothing they want that they don’t already have.

    But destruction of property, oh yes, lots of that. They’ll tear up shit they could never buy with their grad studies degrees, or build with their toothpick arms.

    They’ll be attacking people too; women mostly, but if the sides are stacked enough in their favor, they will attack a lone man too. Now’s a great time to pull the trigger on that MAGA hat; you know you want one.

    Personally, and I realize this is rather self centered because I’m not anywhere near a city with enough reprobates in it to be concerned about, but I am looking forward to watching the show from the shaded comfort of my front porch, while puffing contentedly on a nice Fuentes and sipping ice cold Sweet Water 460.

    You fellas that live near epicenters (that’d be you Merg) be careful.

  7. I live and work right by Dinkytown, hopefully the students will be too high to care.

  8. ” Now’s a great time to pull the trigger on that MAGA hat; you know you want one. ”
    I was thinking of a bumper sticker, Large letters in block san serif, white on black, with the single word “KAVANAUGHTY”
    It would piss of the right people.

  9. Expect another false flag event any day now. Democrats have proven that they are evil and don’t care who dies, kids, old people, doesn’t matter just so they can stay in power. They are terrified that once Kavanaugh gets in, the courts they have used to ram through their anti American agenda, because they know citizens won’t vote for them, will be useless to them.

  10. Just for kicks, I visited Planned Parenthood’s twitter feed, and they’re basically admitting that all of their activism is because they think Kavanaugh is a lock to vote to overturn Roe V. Wade. They are therefore counting states that might ban abortion, and assuming 25 million women would be affected–half of which are, ahem, past menopause or otherwise unavailable for the butcher’s work.

  11. BB, WHEN Roe is overturned, leftist shitholes will still allow human abattoirs, so the ripping and tearing will continue. What planned infanticide is really worried about is the loss of all them sweet federal sawbucks.


  12. Of course, the reason it was called ‘MoveOn’ was they recommended moving on from talk of impeachment – as in ‘censure and move on.’ It’s good advice but too bad they didn’t follow it!

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