5 thoughts on “Believe Accusers

  1. Personally, I believe Julie Swetnick, but I do not believe that the senate should concede to her demands for a pony in exchange for her testimony.

  2. It’s pretty impressive what a nothingburger that one was after all the warmup Avenatti did. Swetnick heard rumors which she thought may have implicated Brett Kavanaugh in spiking the punch, but she’s not sure. Um, this is worth an investigation? Maybe Avenatti is spending too much time with that washed up h**ker he’s been hanging out with. Heckuva midlife crisis on his part, I think.

  3. Funny that Ms. Swetnick kept attending those parties. Was she a willing participant or just stupid?

  4. A tenured professor at a California college and a Deep State federal government employee make outrageous claims against a Conservative nominated by Literally Hitler.

    Both are cheered by the Left, of course. So brave. But what if they’re lying? Won’t they face consequences?

    No. They are bullet-proof. Fire a federal employee? A tenured professor? Not a chance. In fact, the prof will get a book deal. The employee will be used as a prop then dumped like the school kids in Florida.

    And here’s a question: who’s paying their attorneys’ fees? Just how vast is this Left Wing conspiracy?

  5. I remember Ms. Swetnick as a clubhouse pass around in the 80’s. Of course in those days everyone knew her as Wendy O’Wow.

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