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Caron Monahan – the ex-girlfriend of anti-somatic DFL congressman Keith Ellison, who is running for state auditor this fall – reports that the big social media platforms appear to be engaging in shenanigans.

Since the big social media platform is our plan I’d like to make sure the actual record gets out:

Pass it along.

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  1. anti-somatic DFL congressman Keith Ellison,

    are you saying he refutes the somatic marker hypothesis – you would think a DFL/Progressive would prefer an electorate who made their decisions based on emotions rather than reason?
    or are you suggesting he rejects the biological certainty of the human form?

  2. “Keith Ellison, who is running for state auditor this fall”
    speech recognition software failure = “State Attorney General”

  3. Maybe it’s because the report contains personal data (birthdate) which violates the rules of Twitter? I’m sure it couldn’t be some SJW flunky working for Twitter scrubbing the feed to protect a Democrat politician.

  4. MBerg: Can you remind us why Ms Monahan hasn’t released the video evidence she claims to have regarding Ellison?

  5. According to a poll from the Strib/MPR, only 5% of MN Democrats believe Monahan. She’s yesterday’s news. Can’t we just move on?

  6. Can you remind us why Ms Monahan hasn’t released the video evidence she claims to have regarding Ellison?

    Monahan, Feinstein, Ford…. who knows why Democrats hold out until the eleventh hour.

  7. I get why a lot of real victims wait to go public–a lot of people simply don’t mind their manners in examining the claims, including in this case. But that said, I don’t get why it’s sprung at the last minute–that reeks of trying to manipulate the process and “get that guy” instead of trying for justice.

    Or maybe I do get it, and I don’t approve.

  8. But that said, I don’t get why it’s sprung at the last minute–that reeks of trying to manipulate the process and “get that guy” instead of trying for justice.

    Maybe because that to “get that guy” is viewed as “justice” by the folks making the accusation?

  9. The phrase “red herring” supposedly originated in fox hunting, when someone would drag a fish across a path to distract the hounds, trick them into following the fish scent instead of remaining focused on the job.

    That’s what Feinstein has done to Senate Republicans.

    The woman claiming she was molested 35 years ago is so vague we can’t tell what happened, where, or when, much less whether this particular man had anything to do with it. When the man denies involvement, we have no basis to decide whether he’s honest or lying.

    The entire investigation into the allegation and response has no tendency to make an important fact more or less likely because after all this time, it’s devolved into nothing more than a he-said-she-said farce. This claim is the textbook example of why statutes of limitations exist.

    The claim is irrelevant to the Senate’s job, which is confirming the President’s nominee to serve in public office. The Senate has become distracted by a red herring. The Democrats played it perfectly.

  10. continued . . .

    The Kavanaugh situation is completely different from Ellison’s. His victim is clear on the time and place, gave a contemporaneous account to a competent reporter (doctor), and had a well-founded fear of retribution from a powerful leader of in the state’s majority political party to explain why she was afraid to go public at the time.

    The media and Democrat party cannot acknowledge the difference in credibility of the victims without being forced to demand Ellison drop out (or be revealed as baldly partisan hypocrites who care nothing for the victims of sexual assaults committed by Democrats).

    Solution: Democrats and the media simply ignore the more credible allegation, hoping to keep voters ignorant until after the election. This situation is more to that of Bill Clinton, famously defended by Hillary handling his ‘bimbo eruptions,’ by James Carville talking about $100 bills in trailer parks, and by reporter Nina Burleigh who said she would be “happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

    They all were willing to perform the most demeaning services for a powerful Liberal Democrat solely to keep him in political power, caring nothing for the victims of his assaults, as Democrats today care nothing for the victims of Ellison’s assaults.

    That’s the side you’re choosing, Emery.

  11. No matter how much men bash women for reporting assaults, they’re still hesitant to report them.

    It’s a real mystery.

  12. I think it’s too late — it’s over. The Ed Whelan stunt will push Kavanaugh over the edge, beyond saving.

  13. Emery’s just compensating after his article “Self Administered Colonoscopy in Downward Facing Dog Position” for “Annals of Improbable Research” was rejected as non-original research and derivative of an earlier article: “Colonoscopy in the Sitting Position: Lessons Learned from Self-Colonoscopy” by Akira Horiuchi, 57 who just won the IgNobel Prize in Tokyo:

  14. There wasn’t much of a problem with Gorsuch.

    Trump should just move on to the next guy on the list. One who doesn’t have a sexual assault to explain.

    But the next guy might not believe that presidents shouldn’t be prosecuted for crimes.

  15. Emery…with the way democrats are playing politics EVERY person will have a (fabricated) sexual assault to explain.

  16. The strategy must be to piss off the entire female population, who know perfectly well why these things don’t get reported. In fact, Trump and his followers illustrate the typical bashing that can be expected.

  17. sanjuan
    emery knows for a fact that lack of a Y chromosome is why it is not possible for a woman to ever lie therefore Kavenaugh absolutely has a sexual assault to explain.
    Don’t expect reason from Emery.

  18. Emery is identifying as a deranged leftist twaat today. Pronouns: Xe/Xer.

    Other times, they/them apply due to the fact that when he’s not a deranged leftist twaat, he doesn’t identify who the original writer of his non-sequiturs is.

  19. . . . who know perfectly well why these things don’t get reported.
    They are like children! Why are such creatures allowed to vote?
    Your excuses for Team Ford are pathetic, Emery. The woman has a PhD. She is not a child.
    What the Hell kind of simpering women do you know?

  20. What is missing from all the discussion on Kavanaugh is why the Left rejects him as a replacement for Kennedy. Kennedy was nominally a conservative, but he was eccentric. Because of his opinions, especially his opinion in Citizens United, Kennedy was supposed to value individual freedom over the State. But then in Obergefel Kennedy decided against the individual and in favor of the state for irrational reasons. Kennedy is a loony. He had no integrity and, given the power of the Supreme Court to make law and rewrite the constitution, he had no business being on the Supreme Court. A sovereign people should not have to wait until Kennedy descends on his cloud to declare whether the extra-governmental institution of marriage now includes same sex couples.

  21. Ford’s allegation is no more unseemly than McConnell’s original decision to not hold a vote on Garland. It’s just total war by yet another means. If two Republican senators withdraw support, that might move the process towards a nominee of more consensual appeal to the Senate rather than the confrontation appointments the Republicans have been making across the board.

    As I wrote earlier: Trump should just move on to the next individual on the list. One who doesn’t have a sexual assault to explain.

  22. Ah, so it’s admitted. It’s all just politics. Treacher was correct: “The Democrats don’t care whether or not Brett Kavanaugh actually did this. They don’t care about him, his family, the accuser or her family… anybody. They’re just desperately scrabbling to maintain their grip on power. All other concerns are secondary.”

  23. Ford’s allegation is no more unseemly than McConnell’s original decision to not hold a vote on Garland.
    It certainly is. Or did I miss the part where McConnell accused Garland of sexually assaulting a woman? If the Dems held the senate 51-49 now, and refused to hold hearings on a Trump nominee, that would be appropriate payback for the Garland nomination. This is just dirty tricks.
    But at least you admit that this is all about payback for Garland, truth be damned.

  24. BTW, if you google “mcconnel garland vote”, google results are:
    1) NPR
    2) WaPo
    3) Wikipedia
    4) Politifact
    5) Axios
    6) Time
    7) Thinkprogress
    8) Vox
    9) Boston Globe
    10) CNN
    Not until result #30 do you get a result that is as far to the right as the previous 29 are too the left: the Washington Free Beacon.
    It’s almost as though Google’s algorithm is biased.

  25. How much bad faith is Ford showing?
    This much bad faith.
    She says she cannot possibly testify on Monday because she cannot fly to DC, due to fear of flying that is a result of the so-called “sexual assault.”
    Ford interned in Hawaii. Apparently she swam there.
    Good grief.
    No wonder she — and the Dems — are terrified of her testifying.

  26. Emery, it is not even controversial to notice that Google’s news search algorithm has a liberal bias. You really want to go down this road?

  27. I Googled: “Oklahoma City bomber” and nothing positive came up in the search results. Go figure.

  28. Surely you are not suggesting “oklahoma city bomber” is a D_R issue?
    You really need to engage in a little introspection, Emery. The answers you come up with sometimes are so bad that aren’t merely wrong.
    For example “Trump campaign conspired with Russia in the 2016 election” is a conspiracy theory, whether it is true or not. The word “conspire” is actually in the statement. See how that works?
    Noticing that Google search results on political topics point you to one sided, partisan sources is just noticing something.
    Let me pick one search that is political, and about which polls show the American people are about evenly divided: abortion.
    Planned parenthood x 2, NY Times X 2, New York mag, Harpers, and the Atlantic.

  29. Woolly: All this talk of bias and rigging seems somewhat contradicted by the fact that the House, the Senate and the Presidency are all held by the GOP. Not that logic matters to certain people, or presidents…

  30. No one said anything about rigging. Google’s algorithm is proprietary. It may just be that since most main stream News mags are liberal, they dominate Google’s search results. But the fact remains, if you pick an issue where America is pretty evenly split, and you want to learn about both sides of the issue, Google is a failure.
    I’ve stopped using Google’s search engine, not because of any bias issue, but because they are obnoxiously showing me what they want me to see instead of giving me what I ask for. If I search “ABC News”, I want the top link to take me to ABC News, not a frikkin’ wikipedia article on ABC’s news division.

  31. Did you know that Google removed “don’t be evil” from its mission statement? They replaced it with “do the right thing.” I would love to have been at the meeting where the change was decided. Somebody must have been arguing that “don’t be evil” didn’t describe Google’s mission anymore . . .

  32. Señor Bodine: It’s a new day in America. Trolls can do stuff now — heck, they can be elected President!

  33. Mazie Hirono is on record as saying that men should “‘Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing.'”
    Hirono is a complete non-entity, a total machine politician.
    The last controversy she got herself into was back in 1998, when Hirono was lieutenant governor, Linda Lingle (R) was running against Hirono’s boss, governor Ben Cayetano. Mazie called a press conference to make an important announcement. The announcement was that she was not the source of the rumors that Lingle was a lesbian.
    There were no rumors that Lingle was lesbian before Hirono made her announcement. The ’98 election was also marred by persistent rumors that because Lingle was Jewish, if elected she would eliminate the paid Good Friday and Christmas holidays for state workers.

  34. To make Google’s search algorithm’s biased, all you have to do is put a little weight on results from the MSM. Instant liberal bias.

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