Limiting Government

Let’s give credit where it’s due – David French at National Review has been on fire lately, with his coverage of the Guyger shooting, his sweeping change in his coverage of police shootings, and the concomitant broadside – with copious fascinating legal cites – at the way Qualified Immunity is practice today.

I’m not going to pullquote them.  There’s just too much.  Go read them.  Then discuss.

10 thoughts on “Limiting Government

  1. Although I enthusiastically support law enforcement officials, the bad actors like Guyger and the ass wipe that shot Andrew Scott, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Thoughtful pieces, well researched and executed. Time to stop looking at everything through the lens of tribe and race. Ahem. Are you listening, Mr Obama?

  3. David French’s nuanced piece proves that he disagrees with me and unequivocally agrees with the wrong headed moronic morons that disagree with me and are never right!!! 😉

  4. Botham Jean didn’t comply with Guyger’s verbal commands though. That shooting’s got to be at least as justified as Yanez shooting Castile.

    and BLM…. Colin Kaepernick…..

  5. Did the conservative take a break from Nike articles? Nike stock closes at $83.47, an all-time high for the company.
    The only true reflection of the Kaepernick effect will be US sales. The rest of the world couldn’t care less.

  6. French has moved a bit toward the BLM perspectiove though, and expresses that this way: “To put it bluntly, when I look back at my older writings, I see them as contributing more to a particular partisan narrative than to a tough, clear-eyed search for truth.”

    I can’t see old white guy SITD readers agreeing with that.

  7. Also French: “But I also think the best evidence indicates that race is more of a factor in modern policing than I wanted to believe.”

  8. John, an old white guy SITD website owner more or less said that by relinking French’s columns. I’ve personally stated my own objections to certain police practices on my own blog, including preferring to do traffic enforcement over investigating sexual assault. So really, that was a cheap shot.

    Count me very encouraged, really, that conservatives are–after the Obama misuse of law enforcement agencies–getting to be a bit more suspicious of how they work.

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