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Minnesota Democrats and the media that work for them will be and to some on natural angles to justify the behavior of Democrat politicians – especially virtue signal sponges like Keith “Thumper” Ellison.

But once in a while, you get surprised:

If the allegations are true, Keith Ellison has no right to serve as the state’s chief legal officer. And he had no right to run under false pretenses, as a man standing wrongly accused. Voters had only his word on that claim, and the investigation is ongoing.

In the meantime, Keith Ellison must withdraw from the race and not put Minnesotans through another cycle of political scandal. They’ve been through enough.

It’s very simple. We believe survivors.

Politics doesn’t matter. We believe survivors.

Keith Ellison says he wants to protect women from domestic violence and sexual assault. That starts by believing survivors.

As a matter of fact, I believe that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Given that representative Allison as often supported policy is (especially on domestic violence and gun control) that repudiate that idea, I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for him.

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  1. “Keith Ellison says he wants to protect women from domestic violence and sexual assault. That starts by believing survivors.”
    Even if he he knows that his accuser is lying? This is stupid identity politics, feminist shit.

  2. I’m suspicious of this #metoo thing. Hakim’s accuser is a Sierra Club apparatchik who would certainly benefit from having a state AG in her pocket – so maybe she runs a pre-Labor Day(before the bulk of the Nov voters start paying attention) shakedown that miraculously resolves itself before Sept allowing him his desired posting and she has an AG with a sinecure, willing to do her bidding

  3. So the GOP candidate would run unopposed? Yeah, Ill believe that when I see it.

  4. I’m inclined to believe the girl friends. Hakim has always exhibited narcissistic behavior. Does anyone remember when Chris Fields. a Marine Corps veteran, true conservative and a genuinely good guy. was running against him a couple of cycles ago? Hakim and his minions were going around disparaging his service and Hakim called him a scum bag, on at least two occasions.

  5. I’m not saying that Hakim is a victim here, I’m pointing out that this is a “Birds of a Feather” situation between Hakim and the girlfriend, she’s probably doing what her master’s in San Francisco ordered – the fact that this looks like a Soviet era honey-trap is not a coincidence.

  6. I remind everyone that the tent flap was originally lifted by the adult son. I tend to believe that the son would not have said anything, had he not seen the video.

    And don’t forget the previous, documented, brush with domestic violence and the similarities to the current situation.

  7. Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals, #4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

    A man has been accused of domestic abuse by three separate women. Women never lie about domestic abuse. We believe survivors. Given this fact situation, what does the Liberal Book of Rules require? What would Liberals insist any other similarly accused man must do?

    Ellison must resign from Congress, from his post in the DNC and drop out of the race for Attorney General. Those are the rules that people in his party have insisted on. Those are the rules that brought down Al Franken. Those are the rules Ellison lived by.

    The fact that the girlfriend might be trying to shake him down for money does not affect Ellison’s obligations under his own Liberal Book of Rules.

  8. bosshoss I remember. I remember Fields. I dont know what happened to him, I thought he was a rising star in the MNGOP, I know he was deputy chair to Downey for awhile but if anyone on the right could reach the inner city it would be a candidate like him. I hope her comes back and runs for a statewide office someday.

  9. I also recall that the campaign for DNC chair was pretty nasty. There’s no love lost between Ellison and Perez; Perez just needs to find the right trapdoor and degree of deniability.

  10. DFL’s Central Committee is meeting this weekend. I would not be surprised if they go the full Torricelli and force Ellison out. They can save themselves a lot of heartburn if they give him the heave-ho and substitute Deb Hillstrom in the slot. I guarantee you that Walz and Tina Smith in particular don’t want to be spending campaign time having to defend Keith X.

  11. Unfortunately for Ellison he is not a Republican. The GOP would allow due process to take place. Had Franken been a Republican he would still be in office.

    The Democrats prefer virtue signaling over due process.

  12. Representative Ellison is clearly being lynched by right wing operatives. As a Muslim, Keith holds women in high esteem, and would never, ever mistreat a woman.

    The hate filled, right wing daisy chain must be exposed and stopped.

  13. I favor due process and letting the truth bear out. But I so despise Ellison for what he is and what he stands for that I’ll shed no tears if they squeeze this POS out of the picture and into obscurity.

  14. Emery, don’t encourage them. They are blinded by their hate of POC and peace loving Muslims.

    When they go low, we go high.

  15. Karl Rove weighs in, long story short, tons of outside money will be flooding the TV/radio airwaves come Sept 1st.

    I think one of least mentioned and understood lessons of Trump’s campaign was that money, translating to ads, especially on TV, are really not all that useful. A truly witty one may be entertaining for a time or two, but afterwards becomes an annoyance. And to my mind, counterproductive.

    Leave it to Rove to think that the little people, the dirt people, are amenable and suggestible to ads produced by the grifters of his ilk.

  16. The busted, old white people in the DFL are standing aside to let Muslim newcomers, Latinx and proud African Americans take the party, the state and the country into the welcoming, diverse 21st Century.

    They are true patriots who are making America Great.

  17. Mr. D – MN law says a candidate cannot be removed from the ballot at this point unless s/he dies, becomes seriously ill, or is somehow found to have been ineligible to vote. I’m thinking I’d hate to be Ellison’s insurance agent right now.

  18. Have no fear – the Strib front page headline says “Ellison seeks to reassure voters.” It has a photo of him high-fiving a white woman, or perhaps bitch-slapping her. Hard to tell.

  19. So, if Ellison drops out of the race what would the Dims do for a replacement, bring back Mike Hatch, or maybe Skip Humphrey?

  20. Mr. D – MN law says a candidate cannot be removed from the ballot at this point unless s/he dies, becomes seriously ill, or is somehow found to have been ineligible to vote. I’m thinking I’d hate to be Ellison’s insurance agent right now.

    MN Law? With all due respect to a person always deserving great respect, that’s adorable. I’m sure Justices Thissen and Lillehaug can fix that little problem.

  21. What will the DFL do for you?

    DFL love you long time. DFL make you beaucoup happy.

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