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A friend of the blog writes:

Marxist collectivism mixed with the egalitarian charm of Rousseau.

The MN Fringe Festival is the most natural child of The Blue Blouse (Синяя блуза) theatre troupes of early USSR.

Here you will find every SJW/Artiste that suckles at the teats of state government and the Foundation Hive.

The big buzzword in this year’s prospectus is the delivery of a limited number of Juried, Curated (read pre-censored) productions

I think that’s all true – at least in directly. Because the writer is correct – it’s impossible to calculate the damage that government subsidy of art has done to, well, Art. And the Fringe Festival is often a great place to see what happens when society pays for way too many mediocre terrible artist to create too much “art”.

2 thoughts on “The Fringe

  1. When you attend the Fringe you will be reminded of 2 foundational notions of marxi$t thought:
    “that all artistic productions are commodities that can and must be understood in terms of the production of surplus value;
    that art is a site for the playing out of a symbolic form of class struggle”

  2. In so many more words, this is what is written on every little white card that accompanies every piece of “art” at The Walker.

    One cannot comprehend visual art by merely “looking” at it.

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