It’s Not A Bad Observation

A friend of the blog writes:

This picture (from this story) has so many stereotypes its hard to believe Avery LIBRELLE isn’t among them

A curious assumption that h…er, sh…er, Avery isn’t.

6 thoughts on “It’s Not A Bad Observation

  1. From the story:

    “We feel there’s something unfair going on,” said the Rev. James N. Wilson II, a coalition member, representing the Liberian Ministers Association. “There’s collusion and collaboration between the local judicial system and immigration enforcement. These two groups should be separate but they are working together. And ICE is detaining and deporting people quickly. It’s unfair.”

    It’s telling that this group is represented by a refugee from another African (naturally) third world shit hole that has no idea how our system works.

    I wonder if it’s the recent deportation of Charles Taylor’s bodyguard that has him so upset. I mean, the guy *had* to set fire to straw hut villages…it was only fair.

  2. Apparently, the good reverend missed the fact that Barack Obama fast tracked deportations and so far, holds the record for most deportations of any POTUS. That’s one of Obama’s actions that I approved of.

  3. note the theatrical sans-culottes costumes De rigueur right down to the Marxist boots in the foreground. Worse, if you get trapped in a crowded elevator in the Govt Center with this crew for sure one of them will stink of cat piss, enough to make you long for the days of the ubiquitous patchouli scented hippies.

  4. A coalition of community organizations

    Reminds me of my days at the U of M when lefty groups stapled flyers for their various campaigns to bulletin boards around campus.

    At the bottom of each flyer was listed a dogs lunch of supporting groups to make it look like there was a broad coalition of support. Truth was, every member of every group was also a member of every other group. The sum total membership rarely exceeded thirty.

  5. Greg, funny you mentioned that I remember all those flyers stapled to telephones poles, so many that you couldn’t find the flyer of someone looking for their lost dog.

  6. Those flyers had all the credibility of a resume that lists the applicant as the CEO of a one-person company. You got to wonder who the janitor is.

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