Collision In Intersectionality

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minneapolis Gay Pride parade started late.  Gays were blocked by Blacks, protesting a shooting.  Their lives matter, you see, whereas gay lives . . . .

By adopting the tactic of hijacking other people’s events solely to generate publicity, BLM has turned into the Westboro Baptist Church.  Their protests are no longer persuasive, they’re a nuisance and by blocking the gay parade, BLM is now a hate group.

Calling the Southern Poverty Law Center – update your list.

Joe Doakes

Watching intersectionals argue over public mindshare is a little like watching crabs fighting to get to the top of a bucket.

You’d think in a city the size of MInneapolis, there’d be plenty of bucket for everyone.  But no..

6 thoughts on “Collision In Intersectionality

  1. The apparent trend with the Pride celebration appears to be splitting up into victim groups like this. Perhaps we’re all better off waiting until Fourth of July to celebrate being Americans.

  2. The other problem with the ‘awareness raising’ done for the Blevins shooting is it is not an example of malevolence / malfeasance by the police.

  3. hey, its summer, if you want a long hot summer to culminate in a Days of Rage pre-election Fall you’ve got to start somewhere. Remember its baby boomers who are still running the show and they long desperately to relive the halcyon days of the 60s.
    Mr Blevins doesn’t matter, shaping public perception in the run-up to the midterm election is the only thing that does.

  4. Did someone replace Emerys brain? That might be the most intelligent thing Ive seen him post on this site

  5. PoD: I’m reminded of the phrase: “herding cats” when I see what this event has evolved into…

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