He Knows What Matters

The mayor of London has clearly solved all of their real problems:

If I lived in London, I would start by writing a biography of every woman that was stabbed in the past year, now that London’s violent crime rate has surpassed New York City’s for the first time in history.

Happy to help, Mayor Khan.

7 thoughts on “He Knows What Matters

  1. The vast majority of Wikipedia editors are men —

    In other words, you women are slacking by not volunteering your unpaid time on the Internet writing about topics that interest you and potentially subjecting yourself to online trolls who disagree with you. Talk about unreasonable!

    — and just 17% of its biographies are of women.

    So ladies, start writing up those biographies of historical figures so we can even this up. We know that there were relatively fewer ways that women were allowed to contribute, so we’ll just have to figure out if Plato was married so we can write her biography. I mean, many of the female biographies from more than a couple centuries ago are mostly about the wives of famous men. Either that, or start putting your own biography up on Wikipedia so that rather than adding information, we just put up stuff to make the numbers equal.

    Sorry if I’m cynical, but we have a case of a low-brow politician quoting a meaningless number completely out of context and calling for an idealistic and unrealistic outcome just to make himself appear “woker-than-thou.”

  2. If women are justified in writing biographies about women, why aren’t men justified in writing biographies of men?
    It is a fact that the modern world we live in and enjoy — including the parts of our culture that disparage white men — was built by white men.

  3. No need to go looking for history to write about; simply rewrite what is already there.

    As long as you don’t write about Muslim rape-grooming gangs, of course.

  4. Who cares what the mayor of London thinks?

    What is vitally important is the Minneapolis City Council’s position on the overlapping maritime claims between Venezuela and Guyana and how this relates to race and gender inequities.

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