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  1. This could be fun to watch! Democrats are dividing themselves more. In my office this morning, I overheard a couple of Walz supporters say that they are voting GOP now, because Walz “got screwed over”. One of them said; “Ya! This is Bernie all over again”! According to one other, “several other delegates will also not be voting for Democrats now”.

  2. Best case: Erin^2 uses liberal money to lock up the urban plantation. Swanson and Walz split the Greater MN DFL vote (such as it is), giving us Erin&Erin in November.

    Now, if only the GOP manages not to shoot itself in the foot.

  3. I see that Swanson hasn’t seen the Erin her way and has decided to bypass the convention. (Don’t groan, it had to be done sooner or later.)

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The DFL convention often doesn’t agree with the broader DFL, which often overrides the fringe that attend the convention. So often that it’s a wonder that the DFL doesn’t have a convention after the primary to select candidates, complete with super delegates, much as the national Democrats already do. After all, democracy is only good up to a point; the point at which the Party insiders are threatened.

  4. Trusting the MN GOP to not shoot itself in the foot is like trusting a scorpion not to sting you as you swim it across the river. It’s simply not in its nature.

    This does bring to mind the time those sexist DFLers voted down the endorsed Kelliher in the primary in favor of Governor Mumbles.

  5. I think many thought that Flint-Smith would have been the natural to run for the medicated Dayton’s position when he retired. Now that she’ll likely be running for the US Senate the Dims need to find a candidate that can win the Governorship. I think the DFL will spend a lot of what currency they may have eating their own. Will the GOP do the same? I actually expected Pawlenty would run for the Senate seat not to return to Governor. I don’t think his judgment has been very good for some time. With all the gyrations going on it’s hard to figure who will be running against who in November.

    I believe GOP has a good chance to beat Erin x2, or Waltz, and Smith, as well as any number of offices (a rare opportunity in this state) if they get their act together with the best candidates. I wonder though if they’re up to the task.

  6. If this can be considered a thread-jack, just ignore it and I’ll accept that, but with that said, can someone answer what it was that made Dayton so electable?

  7. Dayton has an odd biography. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he has a history of using his money to make up for his lack of a personality. Out of Yale he wanted to teach in an urban environment, but he had to pay the non-profit school he chose to teach in before they would put him in a class room. Basically he had to pay to get into every “volunteer” position he worked in. He had to pay to get accepted into a religious cult back in the 80s!

  8. Dayton had the Dayton name going and really nothing else. Money influence seems to be his greatest virtue; Dayton, Alida Ferry Rockefeller Dayton Messinger (et.al.), and who knows what others.

    I have to wonder if the reason he wasn’t involved in the Dayton empire was…..well, the family never thought him competent. Took a ignorant electorate to see him as such.

  9. Took a ignorant electorate to see him as such. – Scott Hughes

    It also took a fawning media (the reason for the electorate’s ignorance).

    I will never forgive nor forget the Strib’s attack on Tom Emmer for an ancient DUI while covering up for Mark Dayton’s obvious mental issues.

  10. Greg, You nailed that part on the head! My sense is the Strib will fawn all over Erin x2 going into the election. Gotta get behind the Womyns and all things gay movement (diversity don’t you know). I’m sure they’ll come out swinging for the no spark Flint as well.

  11. “obvious mental issues.”
    No kidding. Dayton was rejected by pater after he was maced while protesting Honeywell during the Vietnam War. Dad sat on the Honeywell board. In my imagination, I see pater lecturing his son on the fact that he was a miserable SOB and that all he had in the world was his name and money — neither of which he had earned. Dayton graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale. The would earn you maybe $40k/year now. Probably a fifth of that back in ’68.
    Dayton strikes me as man of no qualities, who is so unsure of himself that he attaches himself to what he thinks are good causes, rather than try to cause good by himself. All his achievements are hollow, and this is what might have led to his well-known problems with substance abuse. He knows that he is an emptiness.

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