The Juggernaut Strikes

It’s convention time.

Time for groups trying to influence the political process to wield the power of their numbers, finances and organizing skill to benefit the candidate they choose.

For a group with serious power – human, financial or moral – it’s time to apply that power to the endorsement of candidates for key state offices. And the big office at play in this weekend’s state conventions will be Governor.

Pressure groups, grassroots organizers, PACs and lobbies will be judiciously applying their clout to the candidates that seem most closely to track their interests and goals, with the skill and restraint of an eye surgeon operating around an optic nerve (or, in the case of Education Minnesota, a street worker jackhammering a piece of cement).

Which brings us to “Protect” Minnesota.

Yesterday, the criminal-safety group gave its “Orange Star” to gubernatorial candidate and state auditor Rebecca Otto.

The Otto campaign, being led by Rebecca Otto – which has been flailing in the candidate count lately, and which fired its manager last week – no doubt took some encouragement in the vote of confidence. It’s probably the only “good” news the Ottos got last week.

And the Orange Star right before the DFL convention might tend to indicate that the group was playing it a little safe, endorsing a female candidate who is anti-gun – but hasn’t wrapped herself around the issue, either.    That’d be an interesting signal of pragmatism from the group.

Well, until a little bit later – when this came out:

On the veritable eve of the convention, they gave another orange star to CD1 congressman and putative front runner Tim Walz, who has flipped from an “A”-rating from the NRA and the Gun Owners Caucus to being a rabid anti (for purposes of swaying the metro progressives he needs to win the convention, no doubt before flopping before the inevitable primary challenge to try to woo outstate voters, including his gun-owning base in the south of the state.

Still – two coveted orange stars would indicate that “Protect” MN was taking a broad, pragmatic stand against Erin Murphy, who has all but made campaign videos of herself pantomiming going door to door to seize guns; she’s that anti-gun.   It’d be an interesting take on “P”M’s part.

Until a few minutes later, when this arrived in our inboxes:

So – on the eve of the DFL convention, “Protect” MInnesota has basically gotten behind…all the DFLers?

They’ll exercise a keen focus on…everyone?

With such mad political skills, it’s hard to believe Nancy Nord Bence hasn’t taken the state by storm.


7 thoughts on “The Juggernaut Strikes

  1. What a POS Walz is. He carefully couched his reprobate nature as long as necessary to keep his sweet gig safe, but the second he didn’t need his constituents he threw them under the bus and backed over them.

    Fucking leftist reprobates; nuke them from orbit.

  2. Swiftee Bot,

    If I were a GOP candidate, that statement would be in every stump speech I gave and on every piece of literature I hand out!

  3. Boss, if you were a candidate I’d gladly hand that lit out for you.

  4. I have to wonder if “Protect MN” is actually trying to kill Walz’s candidacy by endorsing him. He is not strong in the cities, so this “endorsement” kills him where he would otherwise have gotten votes. I ordinarily wouldn’t credit them with being that smart, but just for discussion’s sake.

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  6. “Sensible gun violence prevention”. Boy that’s a turd wrapped in cheesecloth. Some may not notice it’s a turd inside but the cloth can’t hide the smell. All the potential candidates cited are wrapped in cheesecloth.

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