Quote Of The Year

So far, at least.

It’s from Toby Young, a former British pratfall journalist who’s become a charter school advocate in the UK.   The entire article is worth a read (and I urge you to do just that) and illuminates exactly how much Big Left hates apostates.

But the quote is so important in so many other areas:

In today’s world, actually doing things to aid the disadvantaged counts less than making dumb jokes. If you’ve done the latter, you’re no longer allowed to do the former. As Young puts it, “Virtue-signaling is more important than being virtuous.”

I’m going to remember this (to the extent that I didn’t already think it) every time I (accidentally) watch The Daily Show, (inadvertently) catch a bit of Chelsea Handler, watch the ELCA-coiffed  criminal-safety protesters gamboling about the Capitol sputtering their half-understood nonsense, or watching collect kids barking at the moon over the threat other peoples’ free speech poses them.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Year

  1. Man the Daily Show used to be funny. When it was done by Jon Stewart he might have been left but he was always funny, even if I disagreed with him on just about everything. I watched half a show with Trevor Noah, and he isnt funny in the least. If you make fun of my side but in a funny way Ill laugh, as proved by my fandom of Stewart, and Colbert until he got too big of a head, then he got nasty too, but was awesome in his prime, “the word” was nightly viewing for my family for 5+ years. Noah was never talented or funny, he was strictly a Affirmative Action hire. And Chelsea Handler is a much much less talented of Joan Rivers, who I still miss to this day. Comedy sucks these days…

  2. Mitch: This post did not receive many comments but I think that it should be highlighted. This really is the quote of the year. When I look at all the “All are Welcome” signs and “Science is Real” signs in my south Minneapolis neighborhood, this quote blares at me. It is more important to “signal” your virtue rather than really be virtuous. That is the sick world of the left.

    Years ago I found out the hard way during the same-sex-marriage debates. Those who were for it said to those who were against it, “You are haters.” And I thought about those who were against it. Most were busy volunteering their times at food programs, after school programs for children at risk, delivery holiday meals, and generally praying for ALL their neighbors. In other words they were the most loving people I knew. But because of their understanding of marriage, they were called “haters.” What a load of manure.

    Poor Toby Young. He really got caught flat footed. This is an excellent article that summarizes ethics on the left in our time. In the 60’s and 70’s they actually were acting out of a place of virtue. The current denizens of the left are living on that precedent but really have no knowledge of what virtue is. It’s all lawn signs and facebook posts.

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