Joe Doakes from Como Park emailed (just before Super Bowl weekend, when I was busy doing things other than blogging…):

Superbowl fans are being charged enormously higher prices than normal.  This is price gouging, no different than after a hurricane.
I demand Gov. Dayton to impose martial law to curb this dastardly practice.
Joe Doakes

$50 for a parking spot?

That affects womynandtheirchildren worst!

1 thought on “Gouged

  1. I was only disappointed that the folks blocking the choo-choo were taken in to a nice, warm detention center. I would have left them out there for a long, long time, arresting only those who tried to get near them to take off those cuffs they put on themselves — in the name of keeping them safe, of course. 4 or 5 hours of standing there in the cold , arms outstretched and in constraining tubes, and unable to move might have changed how they conduct future protests.

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