I Fought The Swamp And The Swamp Won

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’d be worried if the State Department had a string of success stories, which the cuts threaten to end.  Does it?

These are the guys who stood around while our consulate in Benghazi burned, who sent pallets of cash to Iran, who got special privileges for Cuba.  These are the guys who stood around while the North Koreans developed nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles.

A Trump critic quoted in the article:  “These people either do not believe the U.S. should be a world leader, or they’re utterly incompetent,” she said. “Either way, having so many vacancies in essential places is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Considering what they accomplished while they were in office, how much worse can it get?

Joe Doakes

Funny how Democrats want to be a world leader, after the eight years of national self-abnegation we just went through.

8 thoughts on “I Fought The Swamp And The Swamp Won

  1. How could anybody who lived through the Vietnam War years not remember John Foster Dulles. Indeed, the Dulles Brothers, John and Allen, may be considered the architects of the destruction of the American Republic. They had a lot of help from Wall Street, it’s true, but they lead through Kissinger to the current neoconservatives who seem to think America is invincible. Dean Acheson might very well have been the proximate cause of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, since he wrote the detailed implementation rules of the embargo on petroleum for Japan.

  2. I wish the door does hit the these swamp imbeciles on their way out as they clear their desks at foggy bottom.

  3. It would seem that the biggest argument against an active foreign policy would be the recent history of the State Department. I seem to remember that the greatest recent success of American diplomacy, the end of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR, was bitterly opposed at State as well.

    Methinks maybe we need to be nicer to Tailgunner Joe, because he seems to have gotten some things right.

  4. The neoconservatives who seem to think that America is invincible despise Trump. They prefered Hillary to Trump. Encouraged by her masterful handling of Gadaffi and her heroic behavior at Bengazi, William Krystol voted for Hillary. Krystol’s son in law, Matthew Coninetti, said his newspaper (The Washington Free Beacon) is responsible for hiring Fusion GPS to do oppo research on Trump.
    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas, is all I am saying.

  5. First thing I noted is that the article was written by Tom Brenner/The New York Times, and in the course of reading and when finished my thoughts went to……pfft………….

    Many of these critters are entrenched political hacks, and likely as not are the ones leaking info to undermine the Trump Admin. Good riddance when they’re gone.

    Emery: WTF???

  6. SH: it’s not as if bad a Secretary of State and foreign policy started with the Obama regime.

  7. But that is not the point of the original post is it? Stay on focus, sock puppet #2. Try, just try not to misdirect. Oh, who am I kidding, troll is gonna to do what a troll is gotta do.

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