Lips That Touch “American Beauty” Shall Never Touch Mine

Ever wondered if the left is going to spin itself into insensibility with its recursive virtue-parsing?

The answer is very very yes.


13 thoughts on “Lips That Touch “American Beauty” Shall Never Touch Mine

  1. Yesterday, The Atlantic Magazine, the written voice of God (NPR being the spoken voice of God), published an article titled, Bill Clinton, A Reckoning. One is compelled to wonder why?

    A cynic might suggest that the design of this moral panic was bring down to King and drive a stake through the heart of Queen Clinton. For this, it was necessary to offer up Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK and Kevin Spacey to the mob.

    To do what must be done requires sacrifice.

  2. greg
    You’re on the money, but it isn’t just the Clintons that the hipsters at The Atlantic Magazine want to purge from the New Modern Left, the left is starting to twig to the brand destructive qualities of the baby boomers who for all their lip-service to the collective have proven themselves too often the class-traitor, bourgeoisie wanna-bes they truly are. In short the Revolution (and the destruction of world capitalism) can no longer be trusted to the “boomers” so what you’re seeing is the beginning of the New Left’s Great Leap Forward. Expect to see more and more of the old guard purged between now and the 2020 election.

  3. Mr. D – nice. That took a second to make sense.

    MacArthur – Your comments made me think about Jacob Frey in Minneapolis. Not that he’d be ready by 2020, but he is definitely being groomed. The question is which senate seat do they plan for him to take over? My guess is Klobochar. She’s not nearly progressive enough.

  4. The progressive old guard hasn’t had the decency to voluntarily put itself on an iceberg and drift away so as not to be a burden to the Party, so now they’re being shown the pointy sticks to get them moving. If they still try to resist, then the points will get bloody.

  5. I’m not going to take any chances on these moral questions and just boycott all Hollywood productions. Seems about the only practical way to maintain my “virtue.”

  6. Every person who defended Bill Clinton back in ’98 — including Hillary — is guilty of knowingly aiding a serial sex offender. The most important thing about Bill Clinton’s sexual harrasment and assaults are the power imbalance. He threatened to sic the intelligence services on Monica Lewinsky & he sent Sidney Blumenthal out to destroy her reputation. Remeber Clinton toady James Carville’s remarks that Paula Jones was “a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty”, and “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find”. Clinton paid $800k & gave up his law license rather than face Jones in court.

  7. Mine eyes were drawn to the following like a moth to a bug zapper:

    I don’t feel bad about this. Wifi in my house is practically a necessity and it’s not my fault that an under-regulated capitalist system has created a zero-choice situation for me.

    No, you economic illiterate/simpering twit. Comcast is a zero-choice system, not because of “under-regulated capitalism”. Exactly the opposite. It is because of OVER-regulation. Municipalities enacted laws and codes that gave de-facto regional monopolies to a single cable company. I am willing to bet that is also tied to the fact that a single phone company (also a regional monopoly) owning the telephone poles which Comcast leases in order to string their cable.

    Knee-jerking moron.

    On another level, Kevin Spacey has already been compensated for his work in American Beauty. He likely receives no ongoing royalties from video purchases or rentals (which I believe is the way almost all entertainment is produced now…flat fee for the talent/crew, no ongoing royalties). Likewise, I don’t think the production company (like Weinstein’s Miramax) receives any ongoing compensation. That all goes to whoever owns the IP. If I were so inclined, I would feel no remorse over paying to watch American Beauty, unless I had a gripe with whoever owns the rights to the movie and receives compensation from me paying a monthly subscription to Netflix, renting it on Amazon or buying the DVD/BD from WalMart.

  8. I haven’t watched a Kevin Spacey film in months but if I decide that I want to rewatch The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential, The Negotiator or Glengarry Glen Ross then I’m going to watch them because they’re all enjoyable films and he was great in them.

  9. “I don’t feel bad about [paying Comcast]. Wifi in my house is practically a necessity and it’s not my fault that an under-regulated capitalist system has created a zero-choice situation for me.”

    The author thinks that Comcast has a monopoly in their neighborhood because it’s under regulated. SMH.

    Sometimes I enjoy watching liberals twist themselves into knots making rationalizations for behaviour. Sometimes I worry about the world my children will have to live in.

  10. “A) society should not tolerate sexual misconduct”
    I guess we are all in the fucking army now.

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