Tim Walz: Today The ELCA Hair, Tomorrow The Buzz Cut

As we noted recently, Representative and gubernatorial candiate Tim Walz is:

  1. trying to get the DFL Metrocrats who will endorse the next DFL goober candidate to forget that he was endorsed by the NRA as a strong gun-rights supporter to get elected in the first place in his rural, largely Real American district.
  2. Throwing shooters under the bus for all he’s worth
  3. Going, upon any future endorsement, to work hard to get shooters statewide to forget a and b, above.

But when even the local bought and paid for lefty zine twigs to your hypocrisy, maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

4 thoughts on “Tim Walz: Today The ELCA Hair, Tomorrow The Buzz Cut

  1. Any guess on how much of the “MinnPost” story was penned by the Chris Coleman for Governor campaign? 95%, 99.9?

    WCCO is also chanting the same line.

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  3. Y’know, Brianna Biersbach is generally considered a good reporter.

    But yeah, I have questions about the sourcing, since Brianna is not an RKBA person.

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