World Tour 2017

Boy, is the weekend of November 10-12 going to be busy.

First – one of my bands, “Elephant in the Room”, is going to be playing at the Sundance in Maple Grove:

If you’re in the Northwest Suburbs that night, I hope you can stop by!

And then the next night, November 12, my other band, the Supreme Soviet of Love is having the release party for our first album, “See Red”, at O’Gara’s:

Doors open at 5PM, and the Supreme Soviet of Love goes on at 8PM.  Come on down, have a beer, enjoy a few tunes, hang out after for the closest thing to a MOB party I’ve been able to put together in a while!

Maybe I’ll print tour t-shirts…

3 thoughts on “World Tour 2017

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m committed to another engagement on the 11th, but may be able to make the 12th gig. But, only if I can get the t-shirt! 😂

  2. mitch, should be an ad for pre-orders of the CD and T-shirts just below the trulbert ad

  3. Pre-orders will be available when the album is done mastering – hopefully later this week.

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