Charlottesville Was The Goal All Along

If you wrap your politics in Nazi trivia, you deserve to be marginalized.  And if you drive your car into a bunch of protesters (who are not a current threat to you), you pretty much deserve to spend a couple of decades in prison.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

The Original Anti-AntiFa:  After the 1932 German parliamentary elections,  the Reichstag established what become known as “The Hitler Cabinet”, to try to establish some of the political stability the German people craved.

In what seems counterintuitive to people who understand neither German history nor the world of extremist politics, the idea of the Hitler Cabinet it had the support of the Communists, with whom the Nazis had been fighting in the streets for nearly a decade and a half. The Communists supported the Nazi-led cabinet – they figured, not without justification, that more Nazi thugs patrolling the streets would drive more of the undecideds in the middle toward the hard left.

Courtesy John Gilmore

They figured they were playing the long game.  They miscalculated, only because they underestimated the speed with which the new cabinet would assimilate and co-opt the power of the state and the Army.

The larger lesson is this; Extremists love a world of white hats and black hats.

And as we saw in Charlottesville over the wekeend,  they’re slowly getting it.

Steam:  In Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities, the character of Reverend Bacon – a race-baiting hustler who was clearly a composite of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – had a memorable metaphor about activism; it was about channeling “steam”.   Steam – anger – always tries to expand, finding any place it can to push outward to equalize the pressure.  The goal of at community activist is to channel that “Steam” in the desired direction.  Which the Reverend Bacon, of course, does.  Read the book.   It may be more valuable today than it was when it was publsihed.

In 2009 and 2010, the Tea Party tried to channel a lot of conservative, libertarian, originalist “steam” the right way. We were civil, we were utterly inclusive, we left our protest sites cleaner than we found them, and not only was there *zero* violence (except for leftists who came to start fights), but nearly every time someone showed up with a racist sign, the blogswarm found out they were ringers from the left (when I keynoted a rally in 2010, we made it widely known that all signs would be photographed and published; for *some* reason, everyone was above board. Go figure). We CRUSHED Obama in 2010.

And the media worked overtime to smear, slander and demonize us – with the active connivance of the Beltway GOP establishment.

At the same time, Obama’s Homeland Security department was passing around lists of “right wing hate groups” that included pretty *every* conservative grassroots organization; pro-life, 2nd Amendment, tax reform, land rights, court reform groups all got labeled “Terrorists”.

If you tell 160 million people – half the country – who assemble peacefully to redress their grievances that they are all racist extremist white supremacists who are a bigger threat than radical islam, eventually some of them going to figure that whole civility thing is a crock, and can never work.

Voila:  Of course, that was the goal, Marty. To create more extremists. Because Big Left needs a right-wing extremist boogeyman to rally against. And after nearly a decade of trying, now they got one.

Yep.  I condemn Nazis.  But then that’s not the point, is it?


64 thoughts on “Charlottesville Was The Goal All Along

  1. I use my past to illustrate my points. Swift uses his past to illustrate himself

    I have never read an intelligent remark by Swift. It is all snark — and lousy prose. (Along with the occasional irrelevant anecdote)
    I’ll give you lcredit for trying. It’s going to be very difficult to polish this turd.

    From what I’ve seen, most of it’s just so much hot air, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing — except perhaps a sad look into his unresolved and still-painful (lack of a strong male role model) childhood issues.

  2. Yes, Emery, you use your past to illustrate your points, which is why your latest comment is a series of ad hominem attacks on Swiftee, and which is why your second to most recent comment is not only demonstrably false and cherry picked, but also has nothing to do with your past.

  3. Good one bb, no one (Swift) ever uses ad hominem in their comments on SiTD. 😂

  4. BB, not only is Dunning_Kruger’s second to the last post demonstrably false, It’s also…wait for it…plagiarized.

    I have cited the true author and then thoroughly destroyed it, and DK in a post that is in moderation. When Mitch gets it sprung, stand by for most excellent mockery, laughter at his expense and tastefully executed, wonderfully descriptive ad hominem.

    One of the things I always like about dimwit reprobates like DK is, they don’t even realize they are being laughed at, or understand why.

    Oh, and I love it that he’s started using emojis, it was only a matter of time…what a fricking tool.

    Do some rainbows and hearts DK!

  5. What the hell. I’ll break it up so the links don’t trigger the moderation bot.

    First things first. Dunning_Kruger ran out of inane bullshit to spew, so once again, he has fallen back on his go-to solution; plagiarizing other dimwits.

    “Both sides” did not come armed with long guns. “Both sides” did not come armed with sticks. “Both sides” did not come in para-military gear. “Both sides” did not come with Nazi flags. “Both sides” did not come with Confederate flags. “Both sides” were not giving the Nazi salute, “Both sides” did not drive a car into a crowd of people with the intent of killing and maiming. It was only one side that did that. That side was the one chanting “Make America Great Again”, “Take America Back”, “Blood and Soil”. That side is emboldened by those who talk about both sides being responsible.”

    ~ Jonathan Odell

  6. Dunning_Kruger, you need to give it up. You’re an irredeemable moron, liar, intellectual thief, craven coward and very bad troll. You are not even useful to the reprobates you plagiarize.

    Do yourself a favor and GFY.

  7. Emery/Lobachevsky, the next time you plagiarize, maybe….just maybe….steal something that can’t be disproven with a 30 second Google search? Maybe….just maybe…do something that would add to the conversation, and if you’re really feeling like upping your game, name your sources.

  8. That’s part of the mental defect, BB. Dunning_Kruger doesn’t realize that copying the words of others and claiming ownership is not only dishonest, it signals to others that you lack the mental wherewithal to form cogent, rational thoughts on your own.

    DK doesn’t worry that we will identify his mendacity, that would require he give it thought…no can do.

    It’s just like DG and her millions of readers and her scholarship, and teh Peevee and the lengthy list of distinguished and famous friends and neighbors that bend his ear and seek his wise council.

    These people are, at their roots, very f*cked up individuals.

  9. Actually, it was priceless to see eTASS comment ahead of swiftee’s fisking being published. It just goes to prove how inane he is. How devoid he is of intellect and comprehension. How stupid and moronic. I guess he will not be trolling this thread anymore, licking his wounds and searching for proof to the statement he made that Bannon, Miller and Gorka are white supremacists.

    Oh, oh, and I bet he believes White Supremacists stashed weapons all around Charlottesville. McAuliffe said so, it must be true.

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