Fake News, Alternate Facts

Over at the WashEx, a catalog of the ongoing reportorial flubs, context-manglings, bobbled facts, unreliable anonymous sources with the wrong story, and just plain made-up BS…

in the past not-quite-a-month.

It’s not only helpful to view the MSM as Democrat operatives with bylines; it’s pretty much the only intellectdually honest approach.

9 thoughts on “Fake News, Alternate Facts

  1. “Like firefighters who run into a fire, journalists run towards a story — Katy Tur”

    And if there is no fire, they will ignite it.

  2. Mamm;

    I would submit that due their irresponsible reporting, especially the New York Slimes, some people in the military may have actually lost their lives. They have been notorious for finding intelligence info on field operations and reporting it. The Commander of NVA forces during Vietnam, Vo Nguyen Giap, said that their greatest ally was the American media.

  3. You know, it’s probably about time to bring back the pattern of suing irresponsible journalists, as it would impose a bit of order there. My great uncle, a Louisiana newsman, was sued, but won, when he exposed a gambling syndicate back in the 1960s. I’ve read a bit of his work, and while I know what his politics were–significantly to the left of mine to put it mildly–it’s still responsible and measured.

  4. There are certainly some peculiar trends in the news lately. For example, the Star Tribune has taken to reporting the most recent Saturday Night Live skits on the front page. I’ve also noted the grammatical construction “Trump White House” when reporting on this administration. I don’t remember habitual references to the “Obama White House”. It’s not scientific, but I googled Trump White House in quotes and found 3.97 million references. When I googled Obama White House, the total was 546,000. That is after 8 years of the latter administration, and one month of the present one.

  5. My favorite was the bruhaha about Trump’s father’s racist mayoral campaign ads.

    1. He never ran for mayor.
    2. The ads were made up last year by a group that “specializes in producing “found footage from alternate realities.”

  6. Yesterday USA Today, front page, above the fold. Big headlines saying something like “White House Under Siege”. Or something similar. But the siege is by MSM.

  7. Night Writer….criticism of Obama would have been turned on the accusers. “Republicans attack Obama…..”.

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