So Let Me Get This Straight

Australia bans vast swathes of political and cosmetically inconvenient guns – drawing the favorable attention of Barack Obama and Hillary Herself.

Thing is, Australia never really had a “gun problem”.  They had a couple of mass shootings, to which the political class responded with pure emotion.

And now?  Years after they banned most politically-charged weapons?  Well, who’da thunk it, they have a gun problem.

(The kind where criminals have guns, and use them on each other and on their innocent victims.  Not the “law-abiding citizens can protect themselves” kind of “gun problem” that so exercises Minnesota’s “gun safety” community).

3 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Straight

  1. From this article, one could deduce that they also have a profiling problem, too. The horrors!

  2. The problem is AKs so they cops are collecting squirrel rifles and legislators are banning plastic pistols. Insanity is international.

  3. in light of recent events in NY/NJ shouldn’t we be looking at licensing pressure cookers? They don’t have constitutional protection and are proven WMDs.
    How about it DG, isn’t it time to stop the madness?

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