Angie Craig apparently believes that the most important thing facing voters in the 2nd CD is Jason Lewis’s radio shows from 2001.

Other Democratic-elected women say Lewis should be held accountable for the things he said, including what they said were offensive comments about women, the LGBTQ community and slavery.

I’ve sent an email to Murphy about whether the same standard is being applied to Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and Nick Coleman.

11 thoughts on “Priorities!

  1. This is just too funny! Libidiot campaign calls on opponent to do THEIR research so they can use it against him. Brilliant! If I were Lewis’ campaign manager, I would respond to them wit “F?!: you! Strong letter to follow.

    Angie Craig is another left wing transplant that moved here for a six figure job as VP of HR for St. Jude Medical and she’s a lesbian. Typical DemocRAT ploy; we need to trot out a _______ (insert victim, minority or other “oppressed” category here). Even though she’s a limousine Libidiot, her LGBQT status is her street cred. I can’t understand why the GOP doesn’t use the fact that the DFL is the real party of the rich.

  2. If I were Lewis, I would refer to Craig as the “HR lady” at every opportunity. If there’s a cohort of the population that merits less trust and respect than politicians, it’s human resources types.

  3. Wait, she’s the one responsible for diversity training? Good lord. Her commercials make it sound like she actually created something useful.
    And one of the commercials… she really that ignorant that she doesn’t realize that when pro-life person says “don’t like slavery, don’t own any”, we are mocking pro-abortionists?

  4. Scott, I’d almost drive across town to watch a Lewis/Craig debate in person. This is a textbook case of her bringing a knife to a gun fight, but in this case it’s more of a “bringing a peashooter to a 20 inch deck gun battle”. Both in the scope of his knowledge and education and his ability to think on his feet with 25+ years of taking on callers in talk radio and several years going against the Twin Cities left on At Issue (I think that’s what that show was called).

    I’m on his mailing list, hopefully he sends out any debate date/time occurrences.

  5. I’ve sent an email to Murphy about whether the same standard is being applied to Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and Nick Coleman.

    Nick Coleman?

  6. Bill C, You have me thinking about Lewis on the “At Issue” from WCCO. I remember any number of times that they would bring on Lefties/Dems (go figure with ‘CCO) to challenge Jason and he’d in all calm debate the given topic, and completely trash Tom Hauser’s plant, it usually wasn’t even close.

    He’d also did many excellent opinion pieces in the Strib, I’d read them on-line because I haven’t subscribed to the rag in well over 20 years.

  7. Nick Coleman?

    He had a long history of giggling like a middle-schooler at gay double entendres, and going out of his way to cast “gay” aspersions about conservatives.

  8. You haven’t lived until you’ve been identified as part of the bllllogger’s daisy chain, Brad.

  9. Nick Coleman tried to lock horns with the guys a PL, he was WAY out of his depth, enough said!

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