I’ll Swim Against The School

A lot of conservatives bag on the President pretty hard for his dedication to his golf game.

Kevin Williamson says it’s a mistake, and I agree.  There are two reasons.

The first:

There are some obvious and practical reasons not to discourage President Obama’s sporting pursuits. The most obvious of them is that every hour Barack Obama spends on the links is an hour he is not wrecking the republic, distorting its character, throwing monkey wrenches into its constitutional machinery, or appointing sundry miscreants and malefactors to its high offices. If golf is the only prophylactic we have against him, then Scotland’s second-greatest contribution to modern civilization is to be celebrated for doing work that the Supreme Court and Congress can’t quite manage.

But there is more than the consequentialist case for Obama’s golf.

And I urge you go to and read it.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Swim Against The School

  1. This goes along with the wisdom in observing that gridlock is a good thing, a thing to be praised and encouraged.

    Every minute Obmama spends rooting around for his Titleist, is a minute he is not subverting the US Constitution. QED

  2. Not that I would accuse Dear Leader of being competent, but even the most competent leaders really don’t do well working 100 hours per week with five hours of sleep. Recreation is important.

    On the flip side, perhaps if I’m right, Obama would be even more incompetent if he gave up golf, and then he would ironically be less effective at subverting the Constitution and our nation’s institutions….worth contemplating, no?

  3. There are a lot of bureaucrats down his organizational chart that aren’t playing golf and are busy, busy little bees.

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