Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Asylum seekers legally prohibited from working, decline voluntary work that generate favorable PR, demand minimum wage instead.

 Gee, maybe Mark Dayton can talk to Angela Merkel about getting some of those folks to move here.

 Joe Doakes

Soon they’ll be going door to door for MPIRG.

10 thoughts on “Negotiation

  1. Darndest thing Joe, but I cannot confirm this despite a good bit of fact checking.

    It appears, like the crap-filled story about Ilhan Omar, to be entirely the concoction of right wing media. Had this been true, it would have been covered by sources like Reuters, or other news media in the region of this German town.

    It wasn’t.

    SO shame on the Daily Express, but if you knew anything about the sources you quote, you would know that the Daily Express is a promoter of the far right wing bigot party UKIP.

    One more time, right wing media is an epic failure, a bigot spigot existing only to promote animosity and to gin up paranoia, pushing a dishonest daily narrative of fear and hate.

    Let me be clear. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

    There is a reason I can spot these false stories every time. It has to do with making a daily effort to fact check sources, and holding to a standard that repudiates lies like this for what they are, agit prop.

    It is not an accident that the right is dominated by angry white men who routinely believe things which are factually false, crackpot conspiracy theories, and hold a general ugly hatred towards large segments of society here and abroad.

    THIS is why, Propaganda pushers. This is the dumbing down of America, and it is why you so completely deserve a white supremacist courting candidate like Trump, and Dubya and Mitts on your money Romney and boot-licker of the wealthy Ryan before him.

    Your politics are ugly and your media is dishonest and manipulative.

  2. Asylum seekers legally prohibited from working, decline voluntary work that generate favorable PR, demand minimum wage instead.

    Am I to understand they decline voluntary work AND demand minimum wage for doing nothing? Just checking.

  3. DG,

    Please leave some sort of response – any sort of response – to indicate you’ve read this thread.

    Then, I’ll release your comments from moderation.


  4. Mitch, my hat is off to you.

    You have infinitely more patience with Doggy than I would have.

  5. Sounds like it is time for the ban hammer.
    How is what she is doing different from comment spam?

  6. BG is correct, what DG posts IS comment spam only she’s pushing extreme leftist ideology rather than hair replacement systems.

  7. It’s worth noting that in days of yore, charities insisted on work to differentiate worthy from unworthy recipients of help. While I’m not ready to release refugees to the work force in general–they are of course from nations that can’t give us a decent background check, having tried to kill them–it does stand to reason that a great way of figuring out which refugees are worth keeping is who will actually work.

  8. If she were my friend I would have doxxed her ass years ago and tried to get her fired for making whatever company she works for look bad. Good thing mitch is a better person than I am.

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