The Kids Are Not Really Alright

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I get calls from people wanting to know how to fix problems with real estate title documents, almost always sound like 20-something women, who treat commas as question marks with a rising voice inflection.  It’s painful to listen long enough that I can give the obvious answer.

 “Hi.  My name is Kelli?  From Big Title Company?  I just have a quick question and I’m hoping you can help me.”


 “We have this customer?  And she got married?  And changed her name?  But she used her old name on the documents and the County won’t accept them for recording because the name doesn’t match.”


 “So how do we fix that?”

 “Throw them away and start over.  Do it right this time.”

 Maybe the hesitancy is a generational thing, afraid to make a statement that someone might pounce on as offensive?  I don’t notice it with male callers or older women. 

 Joe Doakes

I don’t know.

But I do know the Millennial generation is on track to replace the Baby Boomers as the most overanalyzed, overhyped generation in history.

6 thoughts on “The Kids Are Not Really Alright

  1. Swiftee, don’t you mean this instead? Seems to fit with our nation’s new approach to sexuality, no?

    And in Colorado and Washington, lots of young skulls full of mush are legally mushifying those skulls even more and getting that “sexy” Satchmo voice the same way he did.

    Seriously, hilarious to think that many young skulls full of mush think that sickness is sexy. Good grief.

  2. What a load of crap. So young people are inexperienced, that is to be expected.

    You can tell someone is old when they keep kvetching about people significantly younger than they are, as you so often do.

    The questions were reasonable; don’t discourage them. Mocking them is discouraging them.

    I’m still laughing that you believe an adjective cannot modify more than one word at a time.

    From Cambridge University Press:

    They provide the example of ‘adjective order’, using the phrase “nice relaxing bath,” which like former Somali refugee, involves one noun, modified by two adjectives.

  3. they keep kvetching… Mocking …

    Dunno, DG. Seemed to be a fairly benign observation about behavior.

    If a conservative talks in the woods and DG isn’t there to hear it, is he still angry?

    You can tell someone is old

    So how old are you, again, DG?

    It’s easy to throw turdbombs when you’re anonymous.

    Maybe it’s time you weren’t anonymous anymore. You might remember your manners.

  4. DG is complaining about kvetching? Isn’t that what she seems to do for a living? Do we need to buy her a mirror or something so she can see the problem?

    And really, shouldn’t someone who has graduated from high school or even college have learned to downplay or eliminate stupid speech affectations? I certainly remember learning the correct way to read poetry, why it’s idiotic to verbalize your pauses (I’m talking, um, like, you know, to you, Mr. President), and the like.

    Maybe, just maybe, treating little girls as precious little snowflakes instead of telling them why it’s a bad idea to do what they’re doing is the cruelest darned thing to do to them. Maybe, just maybe, they’re working in that dead end job at “Big Title Company” because that speech affectation got their file filed in the circular file at better jobs.

    It’s a question worth asking.

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