Good Customers With Guns

While the pundits and talking heads make fervid proclamations about the Second Amendment – something many of them really just don’t get – the free market is voting with its feet:

“After getting robbed twice over the last three months, the owner of a Shell gas station in Sauk Rapids wanted to get more customers during the evening, hoping it would improve safety,” reports. “Last week, station owner Frank Schwagel offered a 10-cent-per-gallon discount for law enforcement or people with proof of permit to carry after 7 p.m. each day.”

I’ve got four trips through the area planned between now and the end of October.   I’ll make a point of stopping at Schwagel’s store – even before 7PM, with no discount – to support them.  I hope you will too.

7 thoughts on “Good Customers With Guns

  1. How does the left react to this? They tried spreading the rumor that this station closes at 6 PM each day. I know, a gas station/convenience store closing at 6 PM? Well, at least they tried.

  2. Chuck: seriously? If true, what the h*** is wrong with these people that they don’t see anything wrong with a blatant lie like that?

  3. Already have, Mitch. I stopped in about 8:30 on Saturday morning. Told the people there that I didn’t care about the discount and that I thought he deserved my business.

  4. Hopefully Mr Schwagel carries while he is on shift so he can defend his life should it happen again.

  5. And you just watch. Some leftard will scream discrimination that some special group of people are getting discounts while others are not eligible for them. I seem to remember a restaurant who gave Sunday discounts if you brought in a church bulletin from that morning. And of course the leftists threw a fit! HOW can you discriminate against atheists who don’t go to church! And it didn’t say you had to go to church, you just had to bring in a bulletin. But no matter, the practice was ended due to intolerance.

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  7. I would have responded to the atheists; well, believing in God has privileges and there isn’t a think that you can do about it.

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