Lie First, Lie Always: And Out Come The Ghouls

The last spent cartridge casing had barely pinged off the ground when the ghouls of Minnesota’s “Safe Criminals” movement came streaking out of the shadows to rip the bloody shirts off the (ahem) victims of an ISIS terror attack to try to jam their agenda down our throats.

Kim Norton – fresh from utter failure in the legislature, and apparently on her way to a fat, cushy job with a pro-murderer-safety non-profit:

Theatrical deep breath, here.

OK.  From the top:

  • Universal Background Checks:  For whatever reason, notwithstanding the fact that Omar Mateen had been under investigation for his terrorist sympathies and was famously unstable, Mateen didn’t come up on any background checks.  Why?  Bad reporting?  Official political correctness?  Let’s assume both.  Either way – while “universal background checks” would have made owning a gun harder for any of Mateen’s potential victims, it would have done nothing to stop him.
  • Rethink Carry Laws:  OK, let’s think.  Had one single gay man in that bar – a “gun free zone”, as usual – had a gun, it might have changed the course of events (as it does more often than our disinformed, and sometimes disinforming, media believes).  Of course, carrying a gun in a bar is a misdemeanor in Florida, which seems not to have been much of a deterrent to Mateen.  So yes, maybe it’s time to “rethink” the law to de-stigmatize the law-abiding citizen.
  • Not “normalizing carrying”:  Ever notice how places where law-abiding citizens normally carry are almost never the target of mass shootings or terror attacks?  And when they are, the attacks are more likely to end with dead shooters and terrorists?

So yes, Kim Norton – take a moment to stop gorging yourself on the blood of innocent victims and do some re-thinking.   Please.

Of course, Kim Norton is a gun-grabbing ninny because she gets paid for it (or will be, soon).    Rabbi Latz – apparently the brother of Senator Ron “I Went To Harvard, Don’t You Know” Latz – tweeted in response to a local human rights advocate who pointed out exactly what I pointed out to Rep. Norton, above:RabbiLatz

That Latz, rabbi at a “progressive” congregation in Saint Louis Park (who was in the process of dislocating his spine while bending over backwards to pin this atrocity on gun owners, rather than an ISIS terrorist) is in mid “smug response” with this tweet is the sort of inevitability that you learn to accept when dealing with orcs and the gun issue.

That a liberal rabbi, in the midst of a smug, know-nothing dismissal, tries to invoke the dissenter’s soul is purely loathsome.  The “Rabbi” is a blot on his calling.

Later, when I called him on his lack of command of the facts, he sniveled:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.14.03 AM

“Rabbi” Latz is a thug and a wanna-be bully for abusing his ecclesiastical position to support a political agenda (an agenda I believe, and can prove, to be morally retarded, but that’s really irrelevant to the issue at hand – thuggish bulliness).   I may not “have all the answers” – but despite the fact that he has none, he not only trumpets his ignorance, but wraps it in unearned self-righteousness.

There may be few people in politics I respect less than “progressive” clergy.

18 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: And Out Come The Ghouls

  1. A learned Jew convinced the solution to Muslim terrorism is unilateral disarmament. He should call Bibi Netanyahu to enlighten him on this new idea and thereby bring peace to the Middle East. I’m certain the Nobel Peace Prize committee would approve.

  2. Per Joe’s comment, it would be very interesting how he explains away Nehemiah’s practice of having armed guards while rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, and a bunch of other things in the Old Testament.

  3. Wonder how the learned Rabbi would have responded to the Jewish “terrorists” of the Warsaw Ghetto, Sobibor or in the forests of Belarus arming themselves – for a chance at survival, or even just a shot at dying on their feet?

    Or the Jews in Israel who, after three schoolhouse massacres, armed themselves to repel the murderers?

    Doubt it’ll ever cross his mind, actually.

  4. I would not be surprised if “Rabbi” Latz were a Naturei Karta devotee. I think all “progressive” Jews are. How else can anyone explain their behaviour?

  5. Wonder how the learned Rabbi

    I do not believe this Rabbi is particularly learned. As he obviously not learned anything from recent history, never mind Torah. He, and the rest of the progressive Jews who have been drinking soci@list libturd kool-aid.

  6. Naturei Karta – Jewish sect that wants Israel destroyed. The darlings of the Ayatollah.

  7. Here’s the wiki:

    Given that Reb Latz is progressive, and Neturei Karta came from the Orthodox tradition, I’m guessing no connection, but I’ve been wrong before. I think the more likely assumption is that Latz is a devotee of the Reform equivalent of NK. I don’t know what it’s called, but I see too many examples out there to assume it’s anything but a movement.

    Mitch; agreed on the history, but Nehemiah is Tanach. So that’s one that’s a little bit harder to wriggle out of. But as JPA would tell us, some in “The Tribe” are expert at wriggling out of Mitzvot!

    (did I get that halfway right, JPA?)

    It also strikes me, completely off topic here, that someone ought to invent a heavily hopped beer and call it a “Jewish Pale Ale” in honor of our friend. JPA, any thoughts of what it ought to be like, or is this just an idiotic idea that proves I need coffee?

  8. BB – it exists! You can get “Hebrew” beer at your friendly local liquor store, including a pale ale variety.

    Jewish denominations are kinda backwards. Reform and conservative mean exact opposite. Conservative is progressive, while Reform is named such because non-progressive Jews wanted to get back to the basics, so they Reformed back to pre-Conservative days, although not all the way to Orthodox. I think that’s how it goes.

    As for the rest, yes you did. Of course, definition of good and bad, right and wrong is very different for these people.

  9. The murderer, may his name be forgotten, DID pass about seven or eight separate background checks:

    1,2. Security guard company (twice)
    3. Florida state security license
    4,5. Gun purchase background check (twice)
    6,7. FBI investigations (twice)
    8. Concealed carry permit?

    How can a man twice investigated by the FBI legally buy a gun?

    Because HE CAME UP CLEAN in the investigations. That’s America, folks. You’re innocent until PROVEN guilty, not until ACCUSED.

  10. Thanks, Andrew. (I read the wiki descriptions of both briefly, and suffice it to say that I ended up confused….I reckon you might get just as confused looking at Baptist denominations…it’s complex)

    Articles I’ve read indicate he carried on his job, so you are correct with at least eight background checks. Depending on the duration of a FL carry permit, perhaps nine or more. If only his ex-wife had been able to persuade the police of clear spousal abuse during their divorce.

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  12. No, justplainangry, it’s not backward.

    I stand corrected, although befuddled. That is not the way I understand it. Need to go back to the history books.

    Because HE CAME UP CLEAN in the investigations. And I say FBI did not do their job in this case. He came up clean because FBI excused his previous terror threats because they believed he was the victim of islamophobia. I smell a stench of political correctness. This is an exact replay of Apple’s self-indignation for the sake of their reputation all over again. FBI had a bad day among many good ones, but in this particular case, those 49 dead in Orlando were sacrificed by FBI and their overlords for the sake of political correctness. Let’s hope they wake up and do what is right for the sake of protecting us, not for the sake of political correctness.

  13. I’d be careful about giving the likes of the FBI too much power to strip people of their rights based only on reported threats. Where does that end for all those “right-wing, anti-government gun nuts”?

    If they have a case, then it needs to go to court. It’s called due process.

    I’d suggest we stop providing these nut-cases with their shooting galleries by eliminating these “gun-free” zones (concealed carry in bars is illegal in Florida).

  14. JPA, it could be the FBI didn’t do their job, or that they simply didn’t have the evidence available. We don’t know which yet, but hopefully someone takes a good look to figure out what it was. Another place to take a good look is that the ex-wife alleges serious spousal abuse, but that never got adjudicated for whatever reason. Might be nice to know why so we could perhaps do better next time.

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