They’ll Know It When They Hear It

Joe Doakes from Como  Park emails about some noise ordinance litigation:

2,000 rounds fired per weekend, too noisy, annoyed the neighbors.  He might have been alright if he’d applied for the correct permits up front, instead of trying to sneak in under the agricultural exemption.

The troubling thing about the opinion is the statute says no local jurisdiction can impose noise levels more strict than PCA.  So how can they complain about noise?  Because PCA hasn’t issued noise levels for shooting events, and the local ordinance didn’t set any.  The commission acted on their gut instinct in deciding it was too loud.  That’s worthless as a standard – how loud is too loud?

Maybe something for GOCRA to consider, working with agency staff to develop acceptable noise levels?

Joe Doakes

If there’s one thing you learn in Saint Paul, it’s that government prefers rules to be handed down by oral tradition.  More leeway that way.


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