Due To PC

The Mozilla Firefox browser seems to be slipping into second-tier status, after nearly 2 decades as one of the go to web browsers.

Is it lagging technology?

Or is it user anger over the politically correct ouster of former CEO, Brandon Eich?

Personal experience in the IT business says the former is certainly a factor – but there’s evidence that the witchhunt is accelerating things.

9 thoughts on “Due To PC

  1. I did my part by uninstalling it and sending them a message that I’d reinstall when Eich got his job back.

  2. bb; I did the same thing.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t really found a fair and balanced choice to replace it. Was using Google Chrome for awhile, but I started getting a fair number of crashes and not responding messages. Ultimately ditched them for that and the fact that I don’t trust them to keep my stuff personal, because they are in bed with the Obumbler regime.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been seeing a lot of Firefox crashes lately, too, and wondered about their ability to keep it running. I tried going back to IE, regretfully, but find that I like the FF interface so much better. Not sure what I’ll do if they stop. Suggestions?

  4. Like bosshoss429 I had the same problems with Chrome.
    I use a combination of Opera for most stuff and IE for a few sites that crash or freeze on Opera, also use IE for Netflix because Silverlight works better with it than FF, Opera or Chrome

  5. I use Konqueror on Linux boxes, and a combination of Chrome and Safari on OSX.

  6. I use Komodo Dragon when on Windows. It’s Chromium based, but guts Google’s privacy invasions. On Linux, it’s either Konqueror (for most things) or Firefox for some sites that require it.

    Pale Moon isn’t bad, but I’ve had less luck with that than Dragon. Pale Moon just seems to be slower.

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