Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Courts struck down obsolete “one-man-one-woman” marriage laws because gays were treated unfairly.

Incest laws prevent birth defects . . . but gay couples don’t have that problem. So should gay cousins be allowed to marry? And what about Muslim cousin arranged marriages – shouldn’t we respect that culture?

Once you begin pulling out the foundation stones of the social framework . . . .

Joe Doakes

What, in all honesty, prevents any group of two or more people with legal standing to sign contracts from getting “married”, anymore?

4 thoughts on “Equality

  1. My favorite weird marriage thought experiment involves a millionaire grandma marrying her grandson in order to avoid inheritance taxes. No risk of incestuous offspring in an 80 something year old female. Why not if they “love” each other?

  2. Well said. My chief objection to same sex mirage is that the reason government gets into family law at all is not that they’re about Biblical morality or wedding cakes and ice sculptures and free bars, but rather because there is a need to prevent harm to the most vulnerable. Children should be protected to a degree from needless birth defects born of incest. Mothers and children should be protected from fathers who choose to leave while they are (e.g. post partum) defenseless.

    What we’ve got now–as people move to legalize and protect same sex mirage, polygamy, and group mirage–is a society that is forgetting this principle, even though we’re ending up paying for the welfare for polygamists and such. So I anticipate that we will first end up legalizing mirages between consenting adults in various ways, and then the lines of consent will start to be blurred legally.

  3. I was saying this in 2008 and people said I was nuts. You can’t support gay marriage if you don’t also support polygamy polynamry and incest. If marriage isn’t one man one woman it can literally be anything

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