Pledge Week

And when I say “week”, I usually mean like “a couple of days”.

The left’s got George Soros and Paul Allen and Barbra Streisand.  The right?  Well, we’ve got you, and that’s plenty enough.

OK, OK, that’s a big over the top.  But I’m passing the hat anyway.So if you’re so inclined, I’ll be everlastingly grateful for whatever spare electronic change you might toss in the pail…

Either way, thanks for your patronage.

14 thoughts on “Pledge Week

  1. Badda,

    Your OCD is SOOO overpowering now you can’t even wait for me to comment before saying nothing meaningful? Wow.

    Mitch – do you have any statistics on the split by economic strata of contributions by the weathy? I’m guess it probably favors Republicans, how about you?

  2. Contributions to whom? To this blog? It favors Republicans, though not by as much as you might think.

    To political campaigns? I blogged about one stat during the ’02 race; Wellstone and Coleman raised similar money. But the average contribution to Coleman was under $50; the average Wellstone contribution was in the several hundred dollar range. What does that tell us about the “strata” of their donors?

  3. Oh, yes – and contributions to charity do strongly favor Republicans.

  4. Mitch, as someone who is new to following blogs, I may not be the only person who reads your prodigous and entertaining output that doesn’t know what the expenses of operating a blog might be.

    It might be helpful to let your readers know a bit more about those expenses, as a context to contribution. Even with the sometimes heated exchange of views, you are enjoyed. Glad you are still enthusiastic about continuing.

  5. A question that I hope is appropriate here – what is the significance of the blog title? A reference to the Peter Sellers movie, or perhaps one of the several other movies or written work by that title?

    And if I might signal a conversational change of direcion; out of curiousity, I contacted Penigma/Mephistopheles. We don’t actually have any “connection waaaaay back”, as you asserted, other than we both have known you Mitch, on and off over a period of time.

    Best guess, we may have been in the same place at the same time, in connection with events where we were meeting you, some half dozen times. Otherwise, no connection. While I sometimes agree with him here, as a vocal minority, we are not connected, past or present. He was a very pleasant person to correspond with by email.

  6. Well, that’d be the connection, yes. You pretty well got it. I didn’t say it was a really huge connection, now, did I?

    And yes, online personas notwithstanding, Peev is a great guy.

    Actually, I personally quite a few of my most controversial commentators – Pen, Angryclown, Swiftee – and it’d surprise all of their various detractors to know they’re all pretty cool people.

  7. You didn’t say it was a really huge connection????? Penigma did not remember me at all, nor I him.

    Dogs larger than great danes, that he remembered – but didn’t know they were mine. I’m tall and have very red hair, and a couple of other distinguishing characteristics, he maybe remembers. I didn’t remember him either until he reminded me he was in the service at the time.

    A connection should require having at least spoken to someone, not just being at the same place at the same time as a number of other people.

    See what happens when I get curious, I just have to find out answers.

    Nice meetin’ ya Pen, at least as far as email.

  8. A connection should require having at least spoken to someone,

    On my blog, for my purposes, “having known me at pretty much any time in the past” is the connection.

    Penigma did not remember me at all, nor I him.

    Everyone’s elses’ memory loss isn’t my problem…

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