Shot In The Dark: Today’s News, Three Weeks Ago!

The Good News:  Aaron Rupar yesterday became the first Twin Cities reporter to cover Ron Erhardt’s bizarre alleged [*] outburst to Andrew Rothman, of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance.  Rothman was contacting the 84-year-old Edina representative to remind him to return  his biennial gun rights survey.  According to an affadavit from Rothman, Erhardt told him to stop contacting him or he’d “blow your head off”. 

The Better News:  If you get your news from Shot In The Dark, you knew this almost a month ago

The Bad News:  While the various gun-rights commenters in the City Pages’ comment section present themselves well, it’s depressing to note that each of the deranged-sounding anti-gun commentators’ votes count as much as that of a smart person’s (and that’s assuming that Mark Ritchie doesn’t allow them to vote more than once).

And By The Way:  Merry early Christmas, Dario Anselmo.

1 thought on “Shot In The Dark: Today’s News, Three Weeks Ago!

  1. Even if it’s a DFL operative, I hope that someone talks to this loon. Those are not words that should be spoken or taken lightly, and someone who shows concern over them should not be considered to be overreacting.

    While he obviously couldn’t shoot Mr. Rothman over the phone, if Erhardt is comfortable/ foolish enough to throw those words around, let alone at someone who could use the words against him, he might also do so to someone who does feel threatened and might react to them in kind, but literally. That would be bad for all involved.

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