All That DFL Happy Talk About The Economy…

is baked wind.

 Minnesota lost 4,200 jobs in July, and is adding them at an anemic pace year-to-date:

State officials said Thursday that Minnesota employers shed a seasonally adjusted 4,200 jobs in July. Meanwhile, they also revised June’s numbers downward by 3,600 jobs.

That means that, year-to-date, Minnesota has added a meager 2,900 jobs, or about 400 per month, on an adjusted basis.

During July, the education and health services sector lost 5,300 jobs. Information shed 1,000; construction, 700; financial activities, 200; and government, 100.

The sectors that added jobs: trade, transportation, and utilities (up 1,600); manufacturing (700); leisure and hospitality (600); and other services (200). Logging and mining, and professional and business services held steady.

Look for the Alliance for a Better Minnesota’s lie machine to fabricate a lot of phony economic happytalk in the next ten weeks; as we discussed earlier, they’re off to a running start.

No – a lot.

54 thoughts on “All That DFL Happy Talk About The Economy…

  1. I can handle the truth that Wisconsin has created over 150,000 jobs this year while Minnesota has created less!

    I can handle the truth that Wisconsin is currently on better track for the future than Minnesota is!

    The fact that you want to pretend that Minnesota is doing better than Wisconsin right now is the truth you can’t handle.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. I guess Emery can’t handle the truth since he has elected to run away from it.

    Thank you Emery for saying Wisconsin has outgained Minnesota by 150,000 plus jobs this year!

    Thank you Emery for saying that Wisconsin is much better off with Scott Walker in charge than Minnesota is with Mark Dayton and the Democrats in charge!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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