Meanwhile In Israel

Screenshots from the “Red Alert” app – an Israeli civil defense application for smart phones. 20140709-111901-40741308.jpg


That’s a lot of rockets.

Good thing all that “smart diplomacy” is in place. Heaven knows how bad it’d be otherwise…

11 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Israel

  1. Notice that the rocket attacks are coming in bursts. We are not talking about lone wolves here, but rather coordinated attacks to try and see if they can get some rounds past Iron Dome.

    And I am reminded of events a few years back where Israel was being hammered by the diplomats of the world because–HORRORS–they sent a rocket at a hospital.

    Well, they did, and they released the video, which showed one rocket going in, and setting off a bunch of explosions. Defenders of the PLO/Hamas did not appreciate it when I pointed out this meant the IDF had hit a Hamas ammunition dump that they’d put in a hospital.

  2. I’ll bet Liberals hate seeing Israelis defending themselves, Standing Their Ground, instead of retreating before their attackers and leaving the problem to be solved by professionals John Kerry and Barak Obama. They should be disarmed before they accidentally shoot some innocent Muslim choirboy innocently standing by a rocket launcher.

  3. Back in 2008 I came across a compelling blogpost about Sderot from a blog entitled “Breath of the Beast”. I ended up blogging about and sharing excerpts from the original post, which also led to an interesting comment screen with the blog’s author. I just went back and re-read this and it still holds up very well – and is still as chilling. The author, Yaacov Ben Moshe, makes an apt analogy between what is happening in Israel and Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery.” I also referred to the Israeli government being wiling to “cut off fingers under the table and feeding them to the dogs so as not to risk upsetting the place-setting.”

    You can do your own comparison between then and now from this link:

  4. ” Muslim choirboy innocently standing by a rocket launcher.”

    Muslim choirboys? The Boys Choir of Medina? The Mecca Mosque Choir?

  5. JD; Your comments solidify my ongoing question: Why in hell are most U.S. Jews liberal Democrats? It seems that they are aiding the same types of actions and policies that killed over 4 million of their ancestors. Unbelievable!

  6. Hamas said all Israelis are now legitimate targets, imagine if Israel said the same.

  7. boss,

    POD, you mean they were not before? BTW, apparently they can now reach Dimona with M75. Be afraid, be very afraid… Either Israeli sand will become glass, or Gaza.

  8. dang I did not even use a legitemate tag!

    boss, [I hang my head in shame] is what it was supposed to say.

  9. Does anyone else see what I am seeing? – that all of this is biblically prophetic and falls within the boundaries St. John described in Revelation? Or – are too few willing to open that can of whup-ass?

  10. I wonder if Israel will finally just say enough and carpet bomb Gaza, I know they aren’t there yet but you cannot negociate a peace with people who believe you shouldn’t exist.

  11. Stink; It certainly isn’t lost on me. I have been paying more attention since the “blood moon” a couple of months ago.

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