Connect The Dots!

Earlier, we noted Minnesota state officials saying that the economic downturn had curbed congestion.

An isolated claim?  Read this appearance by SecState Clinton at the EU (to which I’m adding emphasis) and tell me:

Never waste a good crisis,” Clinton told a hearing at the European Parliament. “And when it comes to the economic crisis, don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security.”

The United States is seen as the key player in global climate talks in Copenhagen in December, after President Barack Obama signaled a new urgency in tackling climate change in stark contrast to his predecessor George W.

First:  is anyone checking Algore’s bank accounts?

Second:  Is this the most tone-deaf administration in history?

5 thoughts on “Connect The Dots!

  1. Not tone deaf – just fully committed to an ideology.

    Keep in mind we’re still recovering from the effects of the Carter administration.

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