In Re: The Matter Of Brandon Eich: Comment 1 Of Many

To:  Gay rights supporters doing the end-zone happy dance (to an impeccable techno beat) over the lynching of Brandon Eich
From: Mitch Berg, uppity libertarian-conservative Christian
Re:  Forgiveness and Memory

Dear activists,

To all of you who are doing the end-zone happy dance over the ouster of Brandon Eich as CEO at Mozilla?   A couple of points:

The “H” Word:  I’m one who believes the word is very, very over-used in our society today – but it applies here:  if you have ever, even once, said “politics is too nasty, vitriolic and rancorous”, but support the Eich ouster, then you are a hypocrite.

And The “F” Words:  A lot of libertarian conservatives – including, on some facets of the issue, yours truly – did battle with our own tribe on this issue, supporting the idea of same sex unions to one degree or another (in my case, I support civil unions, while wanting government out of the business of sanctioning civil statuses altogether).    I didn’t expect much better out of Big Gay – any more than I do out of any other Big Left movement – but I know a lot of libertarian-conservatives are feeling burned today.  Many of us will forgive, but we don’t forget.

Wind, Whirlwing, Et Al:   Read Matt Walsh’s piece on the subject.  We’ll talk.  Oh, yes.  We will.

That is all.


20 thoughts on “In Re: The Matter Of Brandon Eich: Comment 1 Of Many

  1. Big Gay got their beak wet at Mozilla so they’ll be back, not just to purge other employees, but to reach deeper into the business.
    Mozilla has shown that it has no willingness to contest Big Gay’s requests. So it won’t be long before Big Gay asks Mozilla to write a piggyback scan for Thunderbird that identifies and reports contacts with entities identified by Big Gay/SPLC as anti-gay. They’ll ask for the same kind of scan and report feature for Firefox. With the Eich termination as an example is it reasonable to believe that Mozilla won’t just roll over for whatever further requests Big Gay makes?

  2. “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

    — Eric Hoffer

  3. Gay rights are unique to White, European, Social Democracies or their colonies. Gay rights don’t exist in the rest of the world; on the contrary, homosexuality is not only outlawed, but often harshly punished. As the United States evolve away from our common heritage, it’s reasonable to wonder whether future generations will be as tolerant to gays. Incidents like this one aren’t likely to be helpful to the gay rights cause.

  4. For 3,000 years, every society, every ethnicity, every everything had the same definition of marriage. One man and one woman. With the exception of polygamy where it is one man with several women. Now if you believe in that you loose your job and are blacklisted.
    For those that say the Republican party should surrender and accept gay marriage….do you think these fanaitics will let us live in peace? If you don’t think their (the left) goal is to destroy religion, youi aren’t paying attention to what the left is saying.
    30 years ago, who would have thought that people would be fired from their jobs because in their private lives they support traditional marriage. So think about what is coming next.

  5. Don’t need to make a fuss about it. Mozilla will be deleted from my computer as soon as I get the chance, and a note will be sent to the company explaining how I don’t do business with anti-traditional-marriage bigots.

  6. “Big Gay”, or whatever you choose to call the entity who’s deemed to be the representative arm of the homosexual “community,” is a lot like the irresponsible drunkard who has won a mega-millions lottery. Too much success for them to handle and too little time taken to consider how to handle it.

    Having rapidly achieved success, some hard-fought for and some just obviously purchased, they may have got more than they anticipated and have not had time to plan their strategy and establish priorities.

    The Mozilla debacle is another of several very public missteps “Big Gay” and those who support them have perpetrated. Examples include the embarrassing fawning, indulgence, and a humiliating group crush on bully and apparent homophobe Alec Baldwin, the Chic-fil-A mess, and the Duck Dynasty disaster.

    The group is over-reaching and squandering their political and social winnings. While they are in need of good advice and a better advisor, they will probably apply a purity standard that could eliminate their best candidates. Many of their points are valid. It’s unfortunate for them that they seem unwilling to display the same tolerance they now demand for their cause …

  7. “Big Gay”, or whatever you choose to call the entity who’s deemed to be the representative arm of the homosexual “community,”

    I use “Big Gay” in the same sense as “Big Oil”, “Big Pharma”, “Big Union” or for that matter “Big Conservative Talk” – the high-level institutional id of a society-wide group.

  8. Joe, and it may get back to the lack of diversity in the leftwing community. If everyone you know thinks exactly like you, then only some far off ignorant bigot, almost a sub-human, could hold views differently than you. So of course they need to be crushed. You doni’t know anyone who feels otherwise.

  9. “”Big Gay’, or whatever you choose to call the entity…”

    I’m partial to “Rainbow Mafia”.

  10. Mr. Berg; Big Gay works for me, too. I was always hesitant to apply the “big” part as it assumed (per leftwing intention) that big = success = bad. Best example was during the big tobacco persecution. Some of its prime movers, I forget who, assured a group of tobacco farmers, apparently “small tobacco”, that they were only going after big companies and entities, not going after them, the farmers.

    Also, the second sentence in the third paragraph in my last rant was inadvertently over-edited and the word “alleged,” in regard to Baldwin’s alleged bully and homophobic statuses, was accidentally erased. Thanks …

  11. Only two percent or so of the population is queer. They couldn’t bother anyone if they didn’t have powerful heteros enforcing their will, if they can be said to have a “will” at all. Eich was done in by non-homosexual silicon valley types who are very interested in enforcing norms that separate them from the rest of the world. Makes them feel good about themselves, “superior” rather than just “different”.

  12. Mitch, you were and are still wrong on the issue of Gay Wedding Dress Up Day, but that doesn’t explain why you now seem disappointed that the sand is food crew is going all fascist up in here….like they betrayed your trust or something.

    Who *do* you think these people are?

  13. It helps to understand that SV today isn’t the SV of yesteryear. These days the only things that are gaining much funding/hype are software (and Apple is software development with a side serving of hardware). If you’ve ever hung around with programmers you’ll find that there’s a higher percentage of gays in that population than in the population in general. It’s not as high as fashion designers, but in SV it’s not too far off. That tends to color both their view and their passion towards Rainbow Issues.

    Not a critique of the lack of connection to the general culture that SV has in abundance, just a note on the general “lay of the land” out there.

    Personally, I dumped Firefox. I’m just trying out Opera (I still don’t like their horrid support for bookmarks) and SR Iron. I don’t trust Google enough to keep using Chrome as my main browser.

  14. If you’ve ever hung around with programmers

    Like, from working in IT for 20 years? Yeah – just a little.

    Opera is OK. Gotta try Iron. My favorite lately is Konqueror for Ubuntu.

  15. I’ll note you don’t disagree with me too much. Programming is still artistic work and it tends to attract folks who are … different. It’s not really engineering work yet.

    Try Iron. I like that a touch better than Opera and the fact that they claim to have gotten rid of most of the phone-home features of Chrome. And anyone who trusts Google with their data after seeing how in the tank Google is for anything leftist is taking no end of chances unless they’re similarly doctrinaire. Comodo also has a more secure browser out there, too, but I haven’t played with that one yet. I just wish I knew SR better so I could trust them, but this transition from sunny socialism to outright fascism came pretty quickly to Mozilla and I wasn’t prepared.

    Konqueror is nice, but I’ve always been a KDE guy. I just wish they hadn’t so screwed up the transition from version 3 to 4. It took a year just to get back to functional, much less usable. These days it’s not too bad, but finding good KDE support in a major distro isn’t all that easy. I’ve been using the Mint KDE version with some success at home and I think they do KDE better than Ubuntu.

  16. This behavior by Mozilla’s board is entirely analogous to Hollywood creating a blacklist at the urging of Senator McCarthy in the 1950s. Those executives were protecting their business interests and acting on the clearly expressed desires of the American people. How do we view them now?

  17. I disagree, Nerdbert, programming is not especially artistic. The idea is to come up with an elegant solution to a problem, unless management tells you they want a cheap, ugly, impossible to maintain solution to a problem. Maybe my age is showing, I think the popularity of whatever new coding language or paradigm is, it is crap. For all the genius coders in the field today, they still haven’t solved the basic problem of writing computer code, which is that it does not scale well with complexity. Hell, they can’t even determine how many lines of code it will take to perform a complex task. They are still shooting in the dark. “Here’s a problem that you don’t know how to solve. Fix it with 10,000 man hours at $80 per man hour. Give me an update Friday.”
    In the old days the field attracted control freaks. I am not sure who is attracted to programming these days. I imagine that for every ‘show biz’ software person there are a hundred men and women (mostly men) writing the xml behind website commerce, embedded devices used in grimy industries, etc.
    Hollywood movies and popular news features aren’t written about those guys. The last I heard, the organization in the US with the most working programmers was the Federal government. That’s a bit scary. And not very artistic.

  18. EmeryTheUSAHater,

    This behavior by Mozilla’s board is entirely analogous to Hollywood creating a blacklist at the urging of Senator McCarthy in the 1950s and blacklisting Conservatives ever since.

    there, fixed it for you…

  19. Libturds = fascists. Plain and simple. Orwell and Rand were prescient. We are watching freedom and liberty disappear in front of our eyes.

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