Rumors of Winter’s Demise…

…are greatly exaggerated:

The North Dakota Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday afternoon that the westbound lane of Interstate 94 from Mandan to Dickinson will remain closed tonight through Wednesday morning until the road can be cleared. Blowing and drifting snow with heavy accumulation will continue to create hazardous driving conditions in the westbound lane throughout the afternoon and evening.

At this time, the eastbound lane of Interstate 94 from Dickinson to Mandan will remain open but will remain under a No Travel Advisory, unless conditions continue to deteriorate. Motorists should be alert to changing conditions.

I love the smell of freeway closures in February.

Smells like…

real winter!

5 thoughts on “Rumors of Winter’s Demise…

  1. Better the ‘smell’ of freeway closures than…

    well, lets just point out that these winter thaws tend to coincide with a break in the winter hibernation of skunks. I hate it when the dogs go after skunks, especially this time of the year.

  2. I remember driving across ND on our way home from a hunting trip in the middle of a blizzard. As we drove down the highway, we noticed they were closing each on-ramp as we drove by.

    We drove as fast as we dared and waited to refuel as long as possible. Didn’t want to get stuck in BFE, ND because we couldn’t get back on the highway.

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