The Hill To Die On

We Real Americans – that defined as “Americans who support all ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights, the Second and Tenth as devoutly as the First and Fourth – know that giving any ground with the gun grabbers is a fool’s bargain.  The metrocrat Orcs will exploit any opening we Real Americans give them to harass us, badger us, turn us – the most law-abiding people in this country – into criminals.

The “assault weapon” bans are – or were – stupid, and would not affect crime in the least (or at least would never reduce it).  Magazine restrictions are also of no actual value as anything but harassing the law-abiding, as well as putting them (in rare cases) at a disadvantage to criminals.

But it gets worse.

This just in from GOCRA:  The worst of them all is up on the dock now:

The most dangerous bill this session is not a magazine ban, or an “assault weapon” ban. It’s universal registration, masquerading as “universal background checks.”

It’s called SF 458, and it will be heard on THURSDAY at the state capitol. GOCRA will be there to fight it. Will you?

I’ll give it my best shot.  Hope you can too.

Why is this bill so bad?  For starters, because it’ll tack $25 onto the sale prices of a firearm, plus $25 for permit to purchase – which makes firearms $50 harder to obtain for the poor (who are, after all, the ones the DFL wants to disarm…first).

Worse?  It’s registration!  It doesn’t go by the name, but that’s exactly what it is; a paper trail leading, over time, to every single gun in the United States.

This bill needs to be not just defeated; it needs to be crushed and humiliated.  Any outstate DFLer that supports it needs to feel the wrath of every gun owner in their district, sports or self-defense.  Any Republican who supports this abomination must be primaried and expunged from public life.

No retreat.

No surrender.

No compromise on the rights of the law-abiding.

No mercy for the politicians who get it wrong.

Here’s the hearing schedule; all hearings are in room 15 of the State Capitol. Get there two hours early to get a seat in the hearing room, or use overflow seating with a closed-circuit feed of the hearings.

Please let us know if you plan to attend (and which session) by sending an email to

Thursday, February 21
Noon: SF 235, 458, 69

Thursday, February 21
6 p.m.:  Public testimony on SF 235, 503, 69, 458, 557, 520, 400, 413 and 568

Friday, February 22

Noon: SF 503, 557, 520, 400, 413, 568

You can read summaries of all gun grab bills at the Gocra website.

And remember; don’t commit a felony! Only liberals get away with gun crimes, so please remember to notify the DPS as required if you intend to carry at the Capitol. GOCRA’s simple instructions are right here.

10 thoughts on “The Hill To Die On

  1. One gun store on the northern outskirts of Duluth seems to be counting on this stipulation. A handmade sign posted on its counter advised customers that effective January 1, their “firearms transfer fee was increased from $25 to $40”.

    They do a fairly brisk business and I can’t believe that the transfer process does anything but increase their foot traffic and the opportunity for other sales. This struck me as a prime example of gouging.

    I bet that those who hate guns are looking forward to the in-fighting their work, if successful, will cause in the ranks of gun owners and supporters. I doubt if they will do anything to regulate the costs of their handiwork. Anyone see a hike in the cost of a FFL in the near future?

  2. One set of constitutional rights for the well-to-do, another set of constitutional rights for the poor. Liberalism in action.

  3. Universal registration worked so well for our friends up in Canada. They were told their long gun registry would cost $2M back when it was put in place in 2002. Just 10 years later the actual cost of the boomdoggle was $2.7B in 2012, over a 1000 fold increase. You’d have to be a liberal to be that incredibly STUPID!!!

  4. Mitch, I respectfully take issue with your assertion that ” … the poor …are, after all, the ones the DFL wants to disarm…first” based simply on the proposition that the DFL doesn’t have an order of priority. They want to disarm whoever they can, whenever they can, wherever they can, however they can, and by any means available. We all know perfectly well that (a) they don’t give a rat’s ass about the poor as anything other than a source of votes and (b) their real target is and always has been the yeomanry, or as you refer to them, “Real Americans”.

  5. I’ve never been involved in-person with anything related to the state capitol. Closest I’ve been is the gun show at the St. Paul armory.

    Hopefully I’ll be attending a noon session tomorrow. Could anyone provide suggestions as to parking spots, correct entrances, location, etc.?

    Thanks …

  6. mnbubba wrote:

    They want to disarm whoever they can, whenever they can, wherever they can, however they can, and by any means available.

    That’s their attitude towards taxes, as well. They talk about taxing the rich, but they’ll grab tax money from anti-progressive payroll taxes, sin taxes, and ‘user fees’. All they really care about is getting their hands on fruit of other peoples’ labor so they can spend it.
    And we’re supposed to believe that they would have been against slavery 200 years ago?

  7. We have a background check system in Minnesota – it’s called a Permit to Purchase. It’s not currently required for private sales, but everyone I know who engages in private sales requires it, regardless. A bill to require it on all private sales would pass, with hardly a fight. But they don’t want it, because it doesn’t create a paper trail.

    And they need the paper trail, because what they want is to create a presumption that possession of a firearm is illegal, unless you can prove that it was legal.

    That is not a presumption that is consonant with the fundamentals of a free society, and it is not a presumption that we can accept.

  8. Joe,
    Park in the Sears lot.
    Walk in the front door like you own the place (’cause you do).
    Swagger down to RM 15 in the best John Wayne style.

  9. Joe,

    What Swiftee said.

    And if you get there early enough, you can usually find a meter on John Ireland or Cedar, the two streets that run on both sides of the Capitol mall.

    Note that the building is the old State Office Building, which is west-southwest of the Capitol; it’s not the big light-colored one on the west side of John Ireland, but just northwest of that. The north entrance is usually best.

    The hardest part, once you’ve found a seat, is staying polite as you listen to the idiocy (or the breathtakingly stupid remarks you’ll get from the occasional anti-gunner that turns up in the room). But stay polite you must.

  10. Thanks so much for the information. Just getting ready to shave and head up there. I have 30+ years experience listening to misinformation thinly disguised as truth and have developed the ability to limit my response to the occasional eye roll. Appreciate the update …

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