It’s Time To Get Serious

I’m glad I stopped caring about politics.

Think of it: I was spared writing about the last legislative election, an event so vacuous it made reality TV seem interesting. If there was any serious discussion of an important national issue — the state economy, the level of control outside lobbying groups have over both parties but especially the DFL, the fact that the “Stadium Deal” is built on sand, Minnesota’s deteriorating education system, the impact of Governor Messinger’s Dayton’s tax plan outstate, the ongoing embarassment is Gopher football — I missed it.

Instead, we got a campaign of misrepresentations, exaggerations and outright lies. The DFL were by far the worst offenders, but the GOP field didn’t distinguish themselves either.

But hey, that’s Minnesota politics.

But then the fortieth anniversary ofRoe V. Wade happened.  A sudden societal change in focus from eternal truths to personal convenience and a razor-thin definition of gender rights ended up in the massacre of tens of millions of humans whose only crime was not being able to pay taxes yet.

And the very air changed. Winter – the most wonderful time of the year – suddenly turned somber. You looked at the small children around you differently, like you look at Auschwitz survivors; miracles who somehow evaded a bloody gauntlet.

Obama struck that note in his moving speech at the Newtown memorial service, for another, much smaller group of child victims who at least got to live outside the womb for a little bit. Speaking for us all, he said: “We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.”

Nice words, but somehow not enough. Not nearly enough.

That’s when I figured I should write a blog post about it. During my 11-year career, every time some demented soul would defend the Democrats’ civil sacrament of Infanticide, I’d get up on my soap box and let loose with a withering diatribe about abortion, the National Organization of Womyn and weak-kneed feminist-lobby-upsucking politicians. Did it about 130 times, give or take.

And in every case the main effect was – nothing.  Certainly not the outcome I’d hoped for.

Still, I thought I’d give it one more stab … er, chance.

Obama’s speech – which some saw as unrelated, but dead children are dead children are dead children, baby – was fine as far as it went, but it didn’t go very far. Neither have any of the other responses I’ve heard.

South Dakota state senator Mike Rounds introduced a bill to institute a waiting period in SoDak for abortions.   Great, but the bill wouldn’t directly prevent abortions, or exact any vengeance for the tens of millions already murdered.

Tens of millions!

The thing missing from the Abortion debate so far is anger — anger that we live in a society where tens of millions of little human beings, each of no less moral weight than any of you reading this blog, can disappear into the Nacht und Nebel and all politicians are worried about is offending our society’s Sandra Flukes.

That’s obscene. Here, then, is my “madder-than-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore” program for ending abortion in America:

  • Repeal Roe V. Wade and all law based upon it. Roe is badly written and just plain bad law, and more trouble than it’s worth. It offers an absolute right to abortion, but does it in by digging up eminating penumbras, which is an absurd extension of civil rights.  We haven’t had a convention to find all the other emanating penumbras.  And surely our founding fathers, whatever they were emanating, didn’t picture the eugenics industry we have in this country today.  Abortion should be an emergency treatment, not a right.
  • Declare Planned Parenthood a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and PP has killed as many people as Stalin did.  (I would also raze the organization’s headquarters, clear the rubble and salt the earth, but that’s optional). Make abortion a felony. If some people refused to stop performing them, performing a 150th-trimester one on them, using the same tools they use to scrape “fetuses” out of uteri works for me.
  • Then I would tie Terry O’Neill of the NOW and  and Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood to the back of a morgue van and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on abortion.

And if that didn’t work, I’d adopt radical measures. None of that is going to happen, of course. But I’ll bet abortion will drop.

You might be saying “Wow, Mitch.  That’s disgustingly over the top”.  And if you’re a leftyblog, you’ve probably run to your computer and crapped out a breathless condemnation on your blog or Twitter, and aren’t even reading this.

Yep.  It’s disgustingly over the top.  It’s also not anything I believe.  Oh, I oppose abortion, for a wide variety of reasons, but I’m not going to go about that cause violently.  Someone tell Secretary Napolitano, while you’re up.

But it’s been about five weeks since this piece by Donald Kaul, calling for mass murder of gun owners – from which my post was lifted word for word, with “abortion” substituted for guns – came out in the Des Moines Register.  And for all the left’s caterwauling about the color of rhetoric used after, say, the Giffords shooting, it’s a little unseemly that Mr. Kaul’s bit of eliminationist twaddle has passed for a month without the faintest expression of qualms from the left about its, er, stridency.

Because my piece was over the top – but it was a very closely-written spoof.

Kaul – and the millions of lefties for whom he speaks?  He meant it.


24 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Serious

  1. There is a lot to chew on here, but there seem to be at least three conclusions. First, unintended pregnancies among young, poor women drive up abortion rates. Second, if you want to lower abortion rates, you should try to prevent unintended pregnancies among young, poor women. Third, if you want to prevent unintended pregnancies among young, poor women, contraception would help. This analysis is so hit-you-over-the-head obvious that it’s embarrassing to spell out. Unintended pregnancies, bad. Contraception, good.

    Now we get to the harder question: how do you improve access to contraception? Obama wants to require employers to cover contraception for their employees, at no charge. Dozens of lawsuits challenge the mandate as a violation of religious liberty. If the employers’ argument holds, wouldn’t any public funding of contraception violate religious liberty, as tax dollars go to family planning? And if so, is there any way to improve access to contraception? Nixon, that unwieldy leftist, advocated federal funding of family-planning services and created the Title X programme. In 2011 the House of Representatives voted to defund Title X (it failed in the Senate).

  2. Emery,

    The part of my post that was below the jump was more or less intended as a joke.

    But you missed it, didn’t you?

    Because that was the actual point of the post.

    Not that everything you wrote was wrong, but it was all off-topic. Which just goes to show that I can’t joke fast enough to keep up with reality.

  3. Emory, you have presented a perfectly predictable reasonable strawman argument, but sadly it is found wanting. Contraception is available to poor children in their schools. It’s free. Its advertised. Its encouraged. But somehow it hasn’t solved the problem…. Children are dying.

    But we *have* to do something. Since making safe sex available and accessible doesn’t work, we need more drastic measures.

    I suggest:

    Making it a felony to have sex with poor women.

    Forced sterilization of repeat offenders. And to be gender neutral, both parties should share the penalty.

  4. Boy, Emery should have looked before he jumped over that conclusion.

    And Swiftee seems to have drawn a fair set of equivalencies.

  5. I propose free contraceptives for everybody! All it takes is one aspirin….

    The problem is that the moral rot that gets us all these unwanted kids is compounded by the moral rot of allowing women to KILL these unwanted kids without consequence.

  6. Oh, and just to be clear; the definition of “poor woman” will be determined solely upon a set of visual cues that need not have anything to do with her socio-economic status.

    Looking poor is good enough for us.

  7. God is keeping score. There is a lot of blood on a lot of hands. Murder, the last time I checked The Book, is on the “Thou shalt not” list of things God forbids.

    Doesn’t mean God doesn’t forgive.

    But, you gotta ask.

  8. Kaul is pretty small potatoes. His piece is so angry, hate-driven, and loopy, that the op-ed page editor probably only published it because he or she felt that the Register owed him something.

  9. “His piece is so angry, hate-driven, and loopy the exposed id of modern liberalism”. #Messaging #YesImACynic

  10. The pro-abortion crowd says that pro-life crowd doesn’t care about the babies. There are 6 adapted people in my extended family, so that alone should negate that arguement, but besides that…… activists run crises pregnency centers. They provide healthcare (which many abortion clinics don’t). Financial assistance to the mother. If they mother gives up her baby, they will set up adaptions.

  11. Well put. However, he’s just another bleeding ponytail who doesn’t deserve the attention. Perhaps wanna-be bleeding ponytail is more appropriate since it seems that he mainly wrote about life than lived it. Guess he doesn’t want to miss out on one last blood dance.

    Abortion is killing kids. Simple. If my wife were dying and it was the only thing to save her, I’d say go for it. But it’s still killing kids. The sad part is the delusion that it’s anything other than that. I’d advocate for it, too, under the right circumstances, but would do so knowingly.

    It’s also about recreational sex and it’s remedies. Abstinance, like it or not, is fool-proof. If you don’t abstain during the proper time you take the chance. Is it that difficult? How many of us of a certain age would be here now if there were “choices”? Or reliable contraceptives?

    The described relationship between abortions, contraceptives, and “poor women” is quite accurate. It’s the “wealthy, healthy, intelligent, totally empowered” person’s burden to keep these wretches from propagating. They’re too ignorant and uncontrolled to figure it out themselves, aren’t they?

    Perhaps the pet neutering TV commercials could add another aspect?

  12. I reject the argument that more easily available contraception will have a significant impact on the number of unwanted pregnancies. The low-hanging fruit has already been picked from that tree.

  13. People, solution is plain and simple – legalize gay marriage… and force gaiety on everyone. Abortion problem solved.

  14. Stepping back from the intended point of Mitch’s post, and focusing on the substitute subject of abortion, I can offer this bit of noir food for thought: While we have the tragedy of 50 million lives that never got the chance to live, I’d be willing to bet that a majority of them would have been born to liberal women who would have tried to raise their children as liberals. So we end up with that many fewer political opponents to have to fight.

  15. Poor women who can’t afford contraception MUST have sex, then kill the resulting child. It’s NOT POSSIBLE for them to say “Uh, hey, maybe we better not tonight.” Okay, I might buy that analysis if the statistics showed the overwhelming majority of abortions in Minnesota were for poor people who had no access to contraceptives.

    But I’ll bet you a brand-new nickel that’s not the case; I bet White, middle-class women are a giant percentage of the abortions in Minnesota so the problem is less access to contraceptives than it is failure to Just Saying No.

  16. Don’t know ’bout that Joe. They say 60% of black women kill their offspring in NYC. That’s gotta be a lot of dead babies right there.

    As I’ve said, 20th Century leftists have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of 19th Century Klan members.

  17. Joe Doakes said ” I bet White, middle-class women are a giant percentage of the abortions in Minnesota “

    with the population of the state approx 86% white that has to be true, but:

    the black population of MN is right around 5-6%
    the percentage of black abortions in MN averages between 34% and 37% on a year to year basis over the past 10 years.

    this (for the benefit of DG, our fact-challenged fact-checker, who still hasn’t produced her homework) is from the annual report to the MN-DHHS required by law – so suck it DG, the most murder prone victim you can be in MN is a black fetus. Oh and DG, more black fetus’s are murdered each year in MN than the number of black people murdered by guns.

  18. Mr. Berg,
    I enjoy your rapier sharp wit and it suits you quite well.

    I consider my humor to be rather dry. Perhaps a bit too ‘tongue in cheek’ for some.

  19. “I consider my humor to be rather dry. Perhaps a bit too ‘tongue in cheek’ for some.”

    Here’s a tip for you, Emery. If you have to explain your humor, you’re not funny.

  20. Emery, you may think your humor is dry, but with all that Kool-aid sloshing around in your empty skull there is nothing dry about you.

    Trust me on this.

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