Alas, Babylon

I thought about writing a long, acerbic piece about Roe V. Wade, the SCOTUS decision handed down forty years ago today.

About how the decision – which sniffed imaginary emanations of penumbras from between the lines of the Constitution – was an incredibly badly-written decision.  About how it was a deeply wrong-headed over-run of the Tenth Amendment.  About the two-faced notion of “rights” that it bequeathed to a couple of generations of identity feminists.

But honestly, it’s all too depressing.  If I were to write a history of the decline and fall of the United States, Roe would have a chapter of its own.

Not just because it legalized infanticide – although that is damning enough.

But because it was, and is, emblematic of the trivialization of thought, of logic and of reason that is degrading our society at every level today.

So celebrate like it’s 1999, baby-killers.

8 thoughts on “Alas, Babylon

  1. In the 40yrs since the atrocious decision in excess of 25% of children that should have had a chance at birth were slaughtered prenatal. The total number of lost souls comes out to something like 55M. It would seem that one generation just didn’t want to be inconvenienced by the next. And we wonder at our general moral decline.

  2. I tried to explain to a liberal friend of mine that Sandy Hook was what the left might simply call a 27th-trimester abortion, so they really shouldn’t have any problem with the method used. Odd how they react when you do that.

  3. ‘Trivialization’ is right.
    It’s as though the SC decided that because their was no scientific consensus on what ‘equality’ among persons meant, it was fine for the State to declare certain classes of persons ‘inferior’, and undeserving of human rights.

  4. I’ll repeat the stat: 60% of all African-American children in New York City are aborted. That means for every 2 live births of black children in the city, 3 more end up in Planned Parenthood’s dumpsters. Mayor Bloomberg gave several million dollars of his own money to PP this past year, saying he loves the work they are doing.

    At lease Bull Conner and Lester Maddox’s fire hoses didn’t kill 60% of the blacks in the old south.

    Even if you are a libertarian (or progressive) who has no problem with abortion, you have to be disturbed by these facts. Similiar to pro-death penalty folks (like myself) are having second thoughts about killing convicted killers if there is a chance that someone innocent could be fried.

  5. Last year, on Fox News, someone brought up (on a live evening commentary program….Hannity, or one of those), to Al Sharpton, that if it wasn’t for abortion, there would be twice as manay blacks living in the US than there currently are.

    For the first time in history, Al Sharpton was speachless.

  6. Swiftee, I was just wondering why, after a week or more of constant gun related SiTD posts, and now this post that is just SCREAMING for an indignant infanticide fan to rebut it, we haven’t heard from her.

    Then it dawned on me. Mitch hasn’t posted anything about voter fraud lately. To her, that topic is like tuna chum to a great white.

  7. Colonel_Flagg: I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I went back up and started from the beginning of the comments. I’d need a new monitor.

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