There was never a problem in the Rockaways, Winston.  There was never a problem in the Rockaways:

With the media’s silence and the public’s amnesia over the impact of the hurricane, President Obama has once again received a free pass on yet another issue of national importance. The media’s outcry over the devastation after Katrina led to a massive influx of aid in the form of governmental agency involvement, subsidies, and private charitable organizations’ assistance. Without that outcry, the victims of Sandy should be wondering what kind of attention they would be receiving if the president’s party began with an R, not a D.

Silence.  We are now moving forward.

Heckuvva job, Obama-y.

6 thoughts on “Obamnesia

  1. But wait just a minute, Mitch! Obumbler is a “competent President.” Angryclown told us so!

  2. Look, lay off the media, okay? It’s totally unrealistic to demand that our New York-based media companies pursue a story in a location as remote and forbidding as Staten Island.

  3. Obama said the waters would start to receded. Turns out, that’s exactly what they do right before a tsunami as well. We’ve already had to wear metaphorical hip-waders when listening to this administration; it appears that if you believe them you will end up needing the real thing.

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