4 thoughts on “What If Romney / Ryan Took The “Third Rail”…

  1. The tired Democrat talking points on entitlements are finally being questioned. The meme is changing, hopefully it isn’t to late.

  2. The only time SS will be questioned/confronted is when the president (whoever is in office) has to go in front of the cameras and explain there will be no checks this month because the pantry is bare.

    That’s when you’ll see reform.

    Until then, the dems will turn a blind eye – and the words “social security reform” will not be allowed into the discussion.

  3. Exactly, Big Stink, but I’d go a step further. Due to the recession, the trust funds for Socialist Insecurity and Mediscare are already being tapped, and hence the correct way of phrasing this will be “The Democrats will want to borrow and tax to fund these programs even at the point where borrowers and taxpayers stand up and say ‘no more.'”

    In other words, I fear that there is no sense of reality with the left these days and the actuarial impact of what is going to happen, and few Democrats will admit that we simply cannot tax and borrow enough to fund these programs for the next century.

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