Help Shock The World This Weekend!

Tomorrow morning, three campaigns are going to get together to try to lit-drop Ramsey County.

They are:

  • Sue Jeffers, solid conservative and talk show host at a station not nearly as good as mine, who is running for the Ramsey County Commission, and who needs to win
  • Mark Fotsch, running for MN House in District 66A against John Lesch
  • Tony Hernandez, GOP endorsed candidate for US House in CD4 against Betty McCollum

And they need volunteers to help.

So if you’d like a shot at shocking the world, ping the Hernandez Campaign.  Volunteer to lit-drop tomorrow morning (details are at the post I linked).  It’s great exercise, it’s just lit-dropping (not door-knocking), and you’ll be helping to shock the world!

Please sign on up!

(And if you can’t drop literature, feel free to drop a few bucks in the kitty!)

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