Just So We’re Clear On Things

Joe Doakes from Como Park – who has been getting used to driving down Como and Hoyt rather than University, just like the rest of us lately – writes:

A federal court judge has ordered the light rail agencies to do this study – twice – and two years later they’re finally going to START it?


At this rate, the study ought to be done about the same time as the construction.

Near the end of the article:

“Many businesses have reported losing months of revenue, and some have relocated from University Avenue or closed their doors. The 2011 assessment stated it was impossible to separate the impact of construction from “external factors” such as the economy and “world events.”

Dude, let me help you out here. This is “the economy”:

Photo courtesy the Instapundit archives: http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/category/photos/

This is a “world event”:

Photo courtesy US Navy: http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/events/wwii-eur/normandy/normandy.htm

This is the “impact of construction”:

Photo courtest Minnesota Public Radio: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2011/05/13/central-corridor-university/

Are we clear? ARE WE CLEAR???

Joe Doakes, Como Park

Oh, Joe.  If people were clear, we would not  be in this mess.

It just occurred to me – the great Saint Paul tradition of cruising the hot rods down University Avnenue – is now, forever, completely dead.  A hundred shrieking DFL-supporting biddies in Merriam Park can now rest easy; one more bit of fun in Saint Paul has been extinguished.

By world events.

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  1. I spent a couple months working a contract almost across the street from KSTP on University. Pain in the ass. If they call me back, I may decline due to the fact that it really sucks to drive through there.

  2. I’m going to wear my leather jacket and carry a hubcap while I . . .

    . . . ride the light rail up and down University, up and down, up and down . . . .

  3. The Midway Cruising died the day after Porky’s shut down. There is a video on Youtube of a few die-hards out there for one last cruise the day before Porky’s closed. However, it was not the same as in the past, as it was a weekday, in broad daylight and there was still snow on the ground.

    Hopkins’ cruising was killed in the early 80s by a redesign of Main Street with curbs that prevented driving in a straight line and stoplights every couple blocks.

    Because the SCO MN knocked down Anoka’s anti-cruising law, the city council and police chiefs crushed it over the course of a couple decades by fascist policing and tyrranical ticketing for equipment violations (one light bulb out, one mirror missing, tread depth too shallow, window tint too dark) that wouldn’t even cause a cop to turn their head in any other suburb. At least they didn’t ring up a $1.2B (and climbing) expenditure to kill it.

    St Paul? If you build it, they will leave.

    I don’t know of anywhere else in the Twin Cities you can go to show off your car, except the Car Craft show at the fairgrounds in June (and won’t THAT be a more colossal traffic nightmare than it already is with Uni torn up!).

    There used to be an underground street racing crowd (SERIOUS street-legal drag racing car guys who smirked at people who cruised Uni and did burnouts in front of Porkys) that met at some industrial park down in Inver Grove Heights near a place called “Red Rocks”. Haven’t heard anything about that since 1994 or 1995 when my buddy and I quit doing the heavy duty cruising thing in the summer.

    *wipes a tear away*

  4. The 2011 assessment stated it was impossible to separate the impact of construction from “external factors” such as the economy and “world events.”
    This is really dumb. There is no human activity whose impact can not be impacted by external factors. Construction of the rail is a “world event”, for God’s sake.
    Don’t these people believe in causation?

  5. Strangely enough, the 2009 EIS authors claim to be able to forecast the economic activity generated by the corridor through 2030, yet they claim that they are unable to predict the loss of economic activity due to construction of the corridor.
    You would almost think that the authors of the EIS, or more likely their paymasters, have such a fetish for LRT that they put the supposed economic benefits in the far future so that they can not be held responsible when they fail to materialize, and they claim that they cannot determine the economic losses due the LTR’s construction so they can not be held responsible for those losses.
    In Hawaii we have word, “Shibai”, that means something like “bull shit”, but is applied almost exclusively to political performances. The 2009 central corridor LRT project EIS is shibai.
    It is, however, up to the standards of other light rail environmental impact statements across the country.

  6. The Central Corridor Light Rail fits and starts thing is a fait accomplie sad joke. Ruins businesses, pedestrians will be run over, cars will challenge the timing to cross, and a bunch of no-goods will harrass people. The Dubliner is my favorite watering hole; although, they have (temporarily) replaced Hamms on draft with some other less capable tap. Bonnie’s next door is still the best hash brown hangout, with no offense to Keys.

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