The Facts, For Those Who Want Them

The unedited video of the fifteen minutes leading up to the UC-Davis pepper-spraying incident. It’s about fifteen minutes, and not fantastic quality…:

…because, let’s face it, ubiquitous electronics aren’t always a blessing.

But it sort of turns the media’s and “Occupy Movement’s” (pardon the redundancy) narrative about the incident on its head…

8 thoughts on “The Facts, For Those Who Want Them

  1. Interesting. The Occupiers forgot to delete the scenes that incriminate them. At the 8:00 minute mark I can hear the pepper spraying officer warn the group of exactly what to expect. What is most revolting about the entire episode is not that the MSM were gullible, they were f***ing complicit in the commision of a crime. I retract my earlier belief that the UC Davis cops acted inappropriately. They acted as they should in order to protect public spaces and arrest those who interfered with legitimate arrests.

  2. I almost always support our police (I am more conservative than libertarian when it comes to law enforcement). And something didn’t seem right about the original video. A policeman almost casually walking up to some people and spraying them for no apparent reason other then they were sitting on a sidewalk.

    It appears that the policemen may have felt they were in an unsafe situation, surrounded by the wackos.

  3. Three things.

    1. Davis is known for it’s schools of Veterinarian Med and Engineering. It used to be the most moonbat free campus under the UC circus tent….makes me sad to see it’s been infected.

    2. Most UC schools have huge Asian student populations, yet these flea-bitten kooks are almost all white…wonder why? It’s cause Chinese parents don’t take shit from their kids. I also think they are especially allergic to lice and fleas.

    3. Although no one loves to see lefties gagging on pepper spray more than I, these cops screwed up. They should have just snatched those young moonbats up by the scruff of their necks, cuffed ’em, hauled ’em off and beaten the shit out of them at the station as per SOP.

  4. I notice quite a few Asian students in the mob. If my kid was in that rabble and I saw them, they would have their indoctrination ticket canceled!

  5. P.S. to my last; Swiftee, I disagree. You will notice that the miscreants have their arms locked. From a sitting position, they would have been very hard for the police to move and would most likely have caused injuries. Even though they deserve what they get, pepper spray was the best option. Personally, I would have chosen tear gas!

  6. Hoss, I saw a few Asians too, but not even close to their representation on campus, I 100% guarantee you.

    That’s an interesting idea Kermit. And I think we have a winning eulogy for the FleaBag movement:

    “By dawn, trash, flattened tents, strewn clothing, bedding and the stench of urine were the legacy of the Occupy LA.”

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