I Have A Hunch…

…that while  Obama has aggressively flirted, to the point of tongue-kissing, with the “Occupy” “movement” since day 1, and the media has been fluffing the “grassroots” “uprising” more aggressively than an up-and-coming production assistant on a pr0no shoot…

…that those days are over.

Friendly wager:  Once the “Occupy” “novement” turn on Obama, they disappear from the news.

Or maybe the media just finds some time to cover the killings, rapes, assaults and other capers and hijinks.

8 thoughts on “I Have A Hunch…

  1. I am still waiting for the left to call out Obama on his “illegal warrentless domestic spying”.

    Last Friday I was downtown and went by the OWS folks at the government center. It was kind of sad. Just a few looney tunes along one side of the plaza.

  2. The only “news” about Occupy will consist of anti-corporate slogans cross cut with Obama asking for a “millionaire” surtax to replace the payroll tax holiday. It’s already started.

  3. The funniest part of the payroll tax break is this; if reinstated, it hits everyone!

  4. Although virtually none of the OWS leadership or foot soldiers identify as Republicans or conservatives, the moment they pose a threat to Obama they will be depicted as being in cahoots with the racist, fat-cat Republican businessmen and pols.

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