This Is Occupy

The first five minutes of this video – by Sally Zelikovsky and Steve Kemp of TeaPartyTelevision – almost looks like OccupyMN; placid enough, but with a lot of flowery semiliterate arrested-adolescent rhetoric (“It looks like the rich don’t want to give it up, so we’re going to have to take it”).

The last five minutes – with the black-clad, masked “anarchist” mob destroying property and intimidating people – documents more violence, hatred and destruction than occurred at every Tea Party rally, ever.

1 thought on “This Is Occupy

  1. Thank you for the sneer quotes on anarchist. These pre-Dental school pukes on a break year would pi$$ in their pants if confronted by one guy with a Steetsweeper. Real anarchists blow up buildings, kidnap and assassinate politicians and industrialists, and fight Communists.

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